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BUIDL with IPFS at ETHDenver 2021

Curious about BUIDLing at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 with IPFS but wanting more details on their project? Get the scoop from their recent interview with ETHDenver:

What Is IPFS?

“IPFS is a really amazing tool for helping make the web peer to peer. So a lot of people who build decentralized applications, Web3 tools, store their data using IPFS. And really what it is at the core is a decentralized file system, a way for helping a whole distributed community of nodes communicating peer to peer to add content, find content, distribute content in a decentralized way. And so it’s very, very popular for groups who are storing NFT data or building decentralized chat applications, or collaboratively storing files to all networks with each other and find content and IPFS built on top of a couple of other modular tools. And the thing that IPFS does really, really well is it helps applications use content addressing at the core for how they move their data around and how they think about that, such that instead of having to address data by where it’s located, they can address it by what it is.”

What Else Should BUIDLers Know?

“I think without a doubt, use these technologies to scratch your itch. What are the things that you do everyday to find a way to integrate these technologies and build the things that you would want to use? There’s that service that you you depend on but there’s something about it that you don’t like or or you didn’t want to commit to that platform or you feel locked in or trapped or build a narrower field of view, build a smaller and narrower specific version of that which meets your needs.

“I’m so excited by the work that groups like Textile are doing. They build a whole ton of tooling with developer SDKs. That makes it just really, really easy for developers to get up and running on top of these building blocks, and help, you know, add in some really useful information. We felt around how to do data encryption, how to do just like threading together, and how to do more dynamic data on top of these content addressable primitives. And just, you know, make it really simple for developers to get up and running really quickly.

There’s also a ton of groups who are helping with data persistence, in the IPFS space, kind of the default, way that IPFS nodes work is that everyone kind of is responsible for hosting their own content. But then if you don’t want to be responsible for spending your own data, a lot of groups work with pinning services or other groups who are helping make sure that other nodes are incentivized to pin their content into the future. And Infura is a really awesome examples of that, that just make it really easy as a web dap without having to deploy your own infrastructure to get up and running with IPFS nodes that’ll hold on to to your data for your maybe web users who are using your dApp without having to kind of manage that in for yourself. And I think they also have Filecoin API’s in the works at varying levels of readiness, so that you can also be backing up that data not just to kind of IPFS nodes that they’re running in, in AWS or something like that, but actually to a decentralized storage network at the backend as well. So that’s super cool.”

What Are You Excited About?

“There’s a number of groups also who are plugging into kind of identity layers. So through boxing, Ceramic is a great example of that, where the Ceramic network that they’ve created, I think they just launched their test net, which is super cool. And so it adds a whole other layer of doing kind of document permissioning and modifications over time. And so that’s also a super, super cool group to engage with. They’ve done a lot of stuff with Ethereum hackathons in the past as well and have a really amazing Discord that’s like very, very helpful for developers who are getting up and running. And so very much recommend working with them as well. There’s so many more so I’m sure I’m only doing a disservice to the many amazing applications who are like helping me work in this space. But that’s just a tiny subset of phenomenal groups who are heavily engaged.”

Meet the team and learn more about IPFS at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021, February 5–12! Apply today at




#ETHDenver brings together diverse minds who are passionate about decentralization & the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem • Feb 11–20 2022 • Apply today at! #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam #putasporkinit

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