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BUIDL with Opolis at ETHDenver 2021

Curious about BUIDLing at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 with Opolis but wanting more details on their project? Get the scoop from their recent interview with ETHDenver:

What Is Opolis?

“Opolis really is the way for freelancers to really tap into the benefits that they would normally get with a corporate job. So compliance services, health care; we’re talking medical, dental vision, short term, disability, long term disability, life insurance; all of those things that that you would normally get, you can get through Opolis network and and the community called The Employment Commons. And on top of that, you don’t have to worry about all of the employment compliance that you would have to if you were on your own, you know, doing that.

Opolis is a really important component of the future of the decentralized world. Essentially what it represents is the bridge between Web2 and Web3. It not only legitimizes and standardizes, the ability for, you know, people already in the Web3 space to actually sort of tether back to the real world, but it also creates a huge platform for mass adoption for Web3 and cryptocurrencies. Just given the way employment is the core activity, the single common thread of commercial experience that everyone shares globally, and decentralizing employment makes that process of onboarding and sort of modernizing our frameworks much more accelerated.”

What Else Should BUIDLers Know?

“Our belief is that a more democratized egalitarian, call it public utility, employment framework is the key to allowing people to align with work opportunities that better express who they are.

Some people are really excited about the cheaper health care and not having to pay double or triple for Cobra. Some people are really excited about being able to take their salary in cryptocurrency, be it Bitcoin, ETH, DAI, USDC. Some people are excited about having that safety net for the first time, like unemployment insurance. So if they lose their contracts, they’re eligible for unemployment, which most freelancers aren’t. It’s worry free. It’s hassle free, it’s compliant, and it’s crypto-friendly.

What’s the Latest on the $WORK token?

The concept is really to bring the idea of a community-owned public utility infrastructure for employment on a global basis; we wanted to create a mechanism for our community members to share in the distribution of value, so we decided to employ the use of a limited cooperative association. And we’re pairing that with token economics. And we’re using tokens as a unit of account for patronage, which gives our members rights to future profits. So if you look at what we’re doing, we’re using sort of a very, you know, tried and true, cooperative, traditional framework, but with a very new age version of tokenization, and actually managing the patronage process. Here’s the thing: there’s no risk to join Opolis because if you do so before March 1st, 2021, there’s no community fees. After 12 months, there’s a 1% community fee, which is actually if you look at the market for these types of services, a fraction of what you would typically pay, so even at 1%, the value is insanely good!”

Meet the team and learn more about Opolis at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021, February 5–12! Apply today at




#ETHDenver brings together diverse minds who are passionate about decentralization & the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem • Feb 11–20 2022 • Apply today at! #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam #putasporkinit

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A community #BUIDLing the decentralized future • bufficorn.eth • Feb. 11–20, 2022 • Apply: • #ETHDenver #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam

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