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BUIDL with Unstoppable Domains at ETHDenver 2021

Curious about BUIDLing at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 with Unstoppable Domains but wanting more details on their project? Get the scoop from their recent interview with ETHDenver:

What Is Unstoppable Domains?

“We find in several domains that we are the onboarding point for the decentralized web. So what that means is, is that we’ve got sort of a GoDaddy-like website, unstoppable, where you can go and search for domains, find a blockchain domain, by blockchain domains, set up decentralized websites on IPFS and other places, and find apps like wallets, exchanges, browsers and other places where you can use domains.

Browsers are essentially the gateways to this. So, you know, similarly to what happened back in the 1990s when the consumer web really caught on when there was a browser, and it started with Netscape and went on from there. But that was the beginning. That was the first moment in which the consumer internet was accessible. And the same thing is going to be true for the decentralized web, that once you have browsers supporting it, that’s going to be the moment when it will become consumer available. It will be consumable by consumers.”

What Is Unstoppable Domains Focused on Right Now?

“There’s a couple of things that we’re heavily focused on this year. One of the things is integrations. So blockchain domains can be used for crypto payments. Like for example, you can send me money to brad.crypto, no need to send a tip or anything like that. But you could send me Bitcoin or Ethereum, or Litecoin, or any number I think, as 100 currencies are supported or something like that. Or you can go check out my website, you can go check out my blog at brad.crypto. And the thing that makes both of those two features work are integrations.

So we work with crypto wallets, and exchanges work with browsers and other web tools. So we’re looking to have more developers integrate domain names and make them available to their users. So we’re looking for developers who have apps or are building apps that have a set field, or dapp browser that would be able to resolve websites. And I think one of the things that we can bring to the table is a community of people that’s really excited about this, We’ve got, I think something like 10,000 folks on Telegram, maybe 150,000 followers on Twitter, a super engaged community of people that are excited about the decentralized web.”

What Else Should BUIDLers Know?

“For applications that integrate with domain names, we like to get our users using your app. So that’s one thing we can bring to the table, what we’re looking for is developers with apps to integrate. So that’s that’s the number one thing.

And then number two is decentralized websites. And so we’ve noticed this trend in general over the past year, and maybe it’s been sped up even recently, is that applications and dapps in particular, are worried about this problem, their protocol or whatever. And they’re worried about this problem, where they still have this, like, you know, centralized front end, that’s, you know, having to be administered by some DNS by some specific person. And so we’re really excited about dapps moving on to the decentralized web. And in particular, the reason why I think this is going to be relevant to dapps in 2021, is that browsers are looking at supporting decentralized websites and IPFS this year, so getting those dapps up onto the decentralized web is another huge opportunity. So those are those are the two biggest things!”

Meet the team and learn more about Unstoppable Domains at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021, February 5–12! Apply today at



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