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BUIDL with Virtue Poker at ETHDenver 2021

Curious about BUIDLing at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 with Virtue Poker but wanting more details on their project? Get the scoop from their recent interview with ETHDenver:

What Is Virtue Poker?

“We’re a blockchain-based peer to peer poker platform built on Ethereum. We were conceived in 2016, incubated within ConsenSys; we spun out of consensus in 2018. When we completed our token sale, we launched an open beta and November of 2019, we acquired about 10,000 downloads, 5000 players, and had about 3 million hands played on the platform, and we are looking to do our full main net launch this year.”

What Else Should BUIDLers Know?

“The two things that are unique about virtue poker compared to traditional centralized online poker sites: Firstly, we’ve employed a peer to peer card shuffling protocol. So instead of relying on a centralized server, every player is involved in shuffling the deck of cards for each hand played on the platform within the table. The second unique item is we use a combination of Ethereum mainnet smart contracts and a Virtue Poker deployed sidechain to handle all of the payment processing.

So in Virtue Poker, you deposit from a wallet that you control into our sidechain. That ether is forwarded to your sidechain wallet. From that wallet within the sidechain, you buy into table games. Each table is represented by a unique smart contract within the sidechain. It includes the number of players, the buying amount, the payouts, etc. And that table contract holds the funds in escrow while the game is being played. At the end of the game, the contract executes and pays out the winning players back into your wallet. So through the system, you have more transparency and control over how your money flows through the system.”

Tell Us About the ETHDenver Poker Tournament!

“And you know, the games that you’ve played onsite are fair, what we’re doing is we’re inviting 300 ETHDenver attendees to participate in a tournament; it’s free to play. It’s a three step process: the first step, you receive five tokens for five buy-ins for hyper turbo tournaments that are six players each. So you’ll compete in five tournaments, and you’ll receive points based on where you finish. So obviously the highest points going to first no points going to last, the 36 players who have the highest cumulative score will move on to a semifinal round. And they’ll play in six individuals, six person tournaments, with the six winners moving on to a final round.”

What Are You Excited About This Year?

“I think 2021 is where you start to see more decentralized applications become more popular, I wouldn’t say mainstream quite yet. Outside of the DeFi and exchange ecosystem, we’re in the stage where we’re about to be fully licensed and fully launched on mainnet. And obviously, I think one of the ways that we accomplished what I said was my hope for 2021, which is more users or more applications outside. You know, the DeFi exchange ecosystem is where we cross-pollinate each other’s applications. So I guess my call to action would be as long as you live in a country that we can accept, we’d love to have you as a player on virtue poker!”

Meet the team and learn more about Virtue Poker at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021, February 5–12! Apply today at



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