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Build more powerful data applications at EthDenver 2022 with Ceramic

What’s Ceramic?

For those not yet familiar, Ceramic’s decentralized data protocol and identity system gives developers a complete solution for managing user and application data on the open web. With Ceramic, Developers can build decentralized applications that easily store, update and retrieve data from a shared network. Think IPFS, but mutable.

Additionally, this data is written and managed by users themselves, as compared to application developers. On Ceramic, data is controlled by decentralized identifiers (DIDs) that allow users to create a unified digital self by linking data and accounts from various wallets, chains and platforms. Developers can leverage Ceramic’s shared infrastructure to easily reuse data across applications. With Ceramic, users can create a single profile that multiple apps can read and present uniquely on their respective front-ends, instead of tirelessly replicating their data for the application’s benefit.

If you want to dig deeper, check out this short workshop for an overview of Ceramic.

Read more about the prizes Ceramic is brining to ETHDenver, and updates from the 3Box Labs team here.



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