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For digital Crypto Art Exhibit Presented with AR-Technologies at the Virtual MakerSpace at ETHDenver 2021 Feb 5–12 2021

Jessica Angel
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3 min readJan 17, 2021


As part of ETHDenver 2021 in collaboration with Spheroid Universe are inviting contemporary artists experimenting with blockchain technologies to submit their 3D-artworks to be included in the curatorial project AR/ART MONITOR MAGAZINE.

The Exhibition:

Artworks selected by #ArtProject and project curator Jessica Angel will be exhibited globally at the ETHDenver 2021 Virtual MakerSpace. Your artwork will be featured in both the AR ART MONITOR MAGAZINE in 2D form and as a AR-projection in the space in front of the publication. The audience will have the possibility to examine the object or can walk around it using the device.

Exhibition Dynamics:

1) Viewers use their smartphones or tablets with a mobile app created exclusively by Spheroid Universe for the #ArtProject Virtual MakerSpace at ETHDenver 2021. This app will let you browse the first edition of the AR Art Monitor Magazine.

2) While reading the article about ArtProject/AR/NFT/blockchain and other articles in the online magazine the viewer comes across an image illustration of an f.ex. NFT-Art object with comments and/or description.

3) After clicking on the image, the AR space opens in front of the viewer, in which the same object appears in the form of 3D art object. Whether animated or not, the object will be seen in any given real environment.

4) ADDITIONALLY: some selected art-works will be placed at chosen locations/cities and can be seen through the app in situ.

Submission requirements for the files to be shown in AR:

3D NFTs must be provided as FBX and glTF. FBX is supposed to be the original format whereas glTF is created by exporting FBX via export plugin in 3D modeling software, this plugin is available for 3DS, Maya, Blender etc.

Guidelines to follow for FBX files for best results in AR:

1. FBX scene measurement units should be meters, that is a box of 1x1x1 unit is a box of 1x1x1 meter

2. 3D model size should be 1 meter by per the largest side (3d model should fit into 1x1x1 meter box)

3. 3D model should have a single root node and this node should be the only root node in the FBX scene

4. 3D model in FBX should be centered as follows: the bottom side of the model should be at Y=0 (model is placed on the ground), the center of the model should be at X = 0 and Z = 0 (the center of the model is in the center of FBX scene)

5. 3D model should have initial rotation as follows: if the camera is located at Z=-10 and look into the 0, 0, 0 we should see the front of the model that is the model looks into the -Z direction

6. Animated 3D models should contain a single FBX animation, for models that contain multiple simultaneous animations for different parts all animations should be merged into a single animation

7. Textures should be provided as separate files (should not be embedded in FBX)

8. Texture file formats: JPG of PNG, preferable compressed in Photoshop (do not compress in TinyPNG)

9. The overall size of FBX + textures should not exceed 15 MB, the less the better

10. Do not place multiple models in a single FBX

11. Do not include cameras and lights in the FBX-scene

Ready to Submit?


Deadline January 25, 2021


Make sure your file (FBX or glTF) being prepared for the ETHDenver follows the checklist on Requirements and Guidelines above. These files containing crypto-art-objects will be needed right after your work is announced selected by the curator who will contact you immediately after submission deadline date to realize all steps necessary for the project.


General questions: Contact Jessica Angel at

Technical questions: Join the #ArtProject Decentralized Community on Telegram HERE. If you have technical questions regarding your application, you can ask them in the Telegram group addressed to

Looking forward to reviewing your application!