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DeFi Saver goes to ETH Denver!

Defi Saver will be visiting Denver in a nearly full Nikola composition with 4 Nikolas on board and their awesome junior solidity dev Nebojsa.

Alongside having a dedicated DeFi Saver booth where you can come to hang out, learn more about their product, features, and plans for the following period, they plan to host a Talk: DeFi Saver Automation V3 — Automate Your Strategies in which their backend lead Nikola will talk about the development of their long-awaited Automation upgrade which will bring numerous options and strategies and significantly expand the possibilities for automating DeFi positions.

Additionally, Defi Saver’s frontend lead Nikola will be participating in a panel discussion — topic TBA. All BUIDLers and ETHDenver visitors are welcome to swing by their booth to share their thoughts on the current development of DeFi Saver and the potential for improvement. If you are their trusted user or have used DFS in the past, they’d love to meet you and chat about anything and everything.

Read more about Defi Saver here!




#ETHDenver brings together diverse minds who are passionate about decentralization & the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem • Feb 11–20 2022 • Apply today at! #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam #putasporkinit

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A community #BUIDLing the decentralized future • bufficorn.eth • Feb. 11–20, 2022 • Apply: • #ETHDenver #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam

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