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How Status Blockchain Tech is Powering Team Formation & Communications at ETHDenver 2019

Status is one of several ways ETHDenver will be utilizing blockchain technology at our 2019 event.

ETHDenver is proud to announce Status as our official peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging platform for ETHDenver 2019. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Status is an open source, decentralized community platform which allows you to chat, browse, and transact securely. All attendees are encouraged to download Status for desktop and mobile to keep up with #BUIDLATHON announcements and start chatting with other attendees. Whether you are looking to plan your travel with others, create #buidler teams, or share your favorite #Bufficorn stories with the community, our official ETHDenver Status channel is where the chat is at! We will also be making several announcements on our Status channel over the coming weeks that you do not want to miss.

Desktop Launch & How to Download Status

Today, Status launched their desktop platform, which will be especially helpful for #buidlers at ETHDenver because it will allow teams to communicate with each other and individuals to request mentors on-site from either their laptop or mobile phone. ETHDenver recommends all attendees download Status for desktop and mobile.

You can download Status for desktop here and for mobile here.

*Status Desktop is still in alpha. Messages work and anyone can pair their devices. However, Status Desktop is simply a P2P messenger. It does not include a wallet or DApp browser.

*Status Mobile is still in beta. If you are using an iOS product, you need to download TestFlight before downloading Status. Android users can download Status directly from the Playstore.

Learn more about Status on their website.

Creating Status Topics

After downloading Status, join our public channel at this link. Once you have joined the ETHDenver public channel, you will be able to see every member’s conversations. You can keep your conversation in the main channel, or, if you have something specific you’d like to discuss with others, you can create a public topic by posting a new hashtag in the ETHDenver public channel.

For example, if you want to reach out to other attendees about sharing a hotel room for ETHDenver, you could send a message to our public channel such as, “Anyone want to hop on a Holiday Inn deal together for ETHDenver? Connect with me at #laserbufficorn!” Any user who clicks your hashtag topic from the public channel will land in your new #laserbufficorn channel to have a conversation with you. There’s no process required to create a topic, you simply type # before any word (no spaces).

You’ll notice that we’ve created several public topics for attendees like #announcements, #bemybufficorn, #general, #mentor, #teambuilding, and #travel. We encourage all attendees to view these public topics to keep up with official ETHDenver notifications and to connect with others.

After connecting with us in the ETHDenver channel, we also recommend exploring other channels like #status, #status-core (development discussions), #ethereum, and #dapps.

Team Formation & Communications

If you are a #buidler looking for a team, don’t fret! We have several opportunities for you to connect with fellow #buidlers prior to ETHDenver, and the easiest is via Status. After joining the ETHDenver channel, navigate to our #teambuilding topic and from there, you can: (1) post a short summary of your project idea, list the team member roles you’re looking for and include a # channel for people to find you and discuss or (2) look over project summaries people have posted so far and click their channel name to jump in and chat with them. We’ll even be posting a few ice breaker topics throughout the coming weeks in the #teambuilding public topic to keep things interesting!

Along with utilizing the ETHDenver Status channel to connect with other #buidlers, here are other opportunities to take advantage of prior to ETHDenver to meet others and form teams:

#BUIDL Week Colorado (February 11th-14th)

Leading up to the ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON, the Colorado blockchain community will host #BUIDL Week, where ETHDenver participants, sponsors, and community members will host events and stream live content and workshops. These events will be great opportunities to connect with others and chat about project ideas.

#BeMyBufficorn Event (Thursday, February 14th)

ETHDenver will be opening The Sports Castle all day Thursday, February 14th, 9am-9pm, for early registration, free co-working, design thinking workshops, and icebreaker team matchmaking sessions to help attendees form teams if they haven’t yet. We’ll even host speed-dating (for teammates!) and a special #BeMyBufficorn Valentine’s Day Event.

Meetups (January & February)

Colorado hosts 25 blockchain meetups monthly, and these can be a great way to connect with other ETHDenver #buidlers. See a full list of Colorado’s meetups here and consider joining one near you.

If you’re not a Colorado resident, we recommend looking for a blockchain meetup in your local region to connect with other possible teammates.

We hope this helps you start building teams and connecting with other #Bufficorns on Status. Make sure to prepare yourself for ETHDenver now by downloading Status for your desktop and mobile. If you haven’t already, join us by APPLYING to ETHDenver today.



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