Infura at ETHDenver2022

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Feb 10, 2022

Tech Talks & Workshops

With over 400,000 builders using Infura, they continue to relentlessly focus on helping devs ship and contribute to the Web3 ecosystem. This is the spirit they’re bringing to ETHDenver — help ship, help grow Web3.

Tech Talk: Infura Presentation with Co-Founder, EG Galano

Feb 18 at 10am, Sports Castle, Main Stage

They’ll be sharing details on this closer to the event. Stay tuned.

Panel: The challenges of scaling blockchain APIs

Feb 18 at 12:50pm, Sports Castle, Main Stage

EG will also be speaking in a panel about the challenges developers must overcome to ensure their APIs can support growing user demand as Web3 adoption increases.

Workshop: Deploy Your Own NFT with Infura, ConsenSys NFT, and Replit

Read more about Infura, where they’ll be during ETHDenver and connect with them here.




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