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Official ETHDenver 2022 Covid Policy

It has been almost two years since our last in-person ETHDenver Community Innovation Festival. We’re excited to see everyone’s faces soon! That said, with covid as a potential spoiler, there are a number of precautions we’re taking to help limit the spread and protect the health of our community. As such, we are stepping up our sanitation and protection protocols to help keep our Bufficorn family safe.

As you may have noticed at other events, it’s not uncommon to require documentation of a negative covid test or to have a proof of vaccination. For us, this doesn’t cover it. Even vaccinated individuals can be carriers and the asymptomatic may not yet be aware.

The only solution we’ve identified that has the best chance of identifying individuals who are carrying covid is to require 100% of attendees (including staff) to take a rapid test, on-site, prior to picking up their badge.

Tests will be administered at no cost to attendees! Below you can read more about the specifics of our plans.

Onsite Antigen Testing

ETHDenver will host a 100% free mobile testing site outside the Art Hotel (registration is also located here in the 1st floor lobby) where every attendee will be required to take an antigen rapid test prior to picking up their badge to ETHDenver (regardless of vaccination status). Tests will be self administered, under the supervision of staff including medically trained professionals, and test results take about 10 minutes to process. Test location subject to change.

If you feel sick at any point during your visit to ETHDenver, please visit our onsite testing center to take a follow-up test before entering any venues. Whether or not you test positive for covid, if you have symptoms that mirror any other communicable disease (i.e. flu, cold, etc.) we ask that you do not visit in-person venues until your symptoms subside.

Request Free Covid Tests by Mail
Depending on your location, you may be able to request a free covid test by mail and bring it along with you to self administer onsite under the supervision of our staff. Bringing your own test(s) along will help keep costs down and if you ever feel sick during your time at ETHDenver, you’ll have the ability to self-administer a follow up test, 24 hours a day.

Well Checks & Follow-up Testing

Attendees who are outwardly displaying symptoms of covid, flu, or otherwise will in all cases be asked to take another covid test before entering any venue. We understand this may be inconvenient for those with allergies or similar issues, but is an unavoidable precaution. A person who tests negative on a follow-up test must keep the proof of negative test results on them to show at venue entrances if requested and may be asked to retest every 24 hours.


ETHDenver will continue to follow government guidelines which may change at any moment. ETHDenver recommends vaccination to mitigate potential health risks and maximum flexibility to adapt to potential future regulations, but does not mandate it. Unfortunately those with vaccines can also be carriers, so we will require a test for all attendees regardless of vaccination status.


ETHDenver will have masks available at the entrance to every venue. We recommend wearing a mask at all times. Some public locations may require masks.

Sanitation & Air Scrubbers

ETHDenver will have more than triple the cleaning staff as in years past, with crew assigned to a constant cycle of surface and handle cleaning. Hand sanitizer stations will be on every floor of every venue and in all bathrooms. We will also have air scrubbers onsite to mitigate airborne transmission.


National Covid Information

State of Colorado Covid Information



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