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Octopus Network at ETHDenver 2022

Octopus Network is a new multichain cryptonetwork created to bootstrap and run Substrate-based decentralized application chains, aka Appchains.

Appchains need security, but bootstrapping PoS security is labour-intensive and expensive. The Octopus Network decreases the expense and effort to launch an appchain. By providing flexible leased security, out-of-box interoperability, one-stop infrastructure, and a ready-to-be-engaged community, Octopus Network is unleashing an innovation wave on Web3.0.

Octopus Network Appchains can interoperate with blockchains outside the Octopus Network, such as with Ethereum via Rainbow Bridge, or with any IBC enabled blockchains directly via the out-of-box IBC pallet.

Click here to learn more about Octopus Network, what they’re bringing to ETHDenver, and connect with their socials!




#ETHDenver brings together diverse minds who are passionate about decentralization & the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem • Feb 11–20 2022 • Apply today at! #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam #putasporkinit

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A community #BUIDLing the decentralized future • bufficorn.eth • Feb. 11–20, 2022 • Apply: • #ETHDenver #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam

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