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Polygon to Make a Splash at ETHDenver

Polygon is coming to ETHDenver!

The annual gathering of Etherum’s movers and shakers will be held on Feb. 11–21 in Denver and will feature Polygon Studios as a Metaverse and Gaming Track sponsor. Polygon will sponsor the Bodega area at the Castle. More than twenty team members will come from all parts of the world to attend ETHDenver. When Ethereum’s leading scaling solution meets its biggest Web3 hackathon — expect awesome.

Over the past year, Polygon has attracted some of the biggest projects in Web3, from DeFi protocols such as lending platform Aave and Uniswap to luxury brands company Dolce & Gabbana and NFT marketplaces including OpenSea and Mark Cuban’s More than 7,000 decentralized apps (dApps) are currently building on Polygon, making it the main destination for Web3 platforms and developers.

On Feb. 15, join Polygon, Coinbase, Decentraland, Aave Grants DAO, and Sushi for an evening networking event at the unique Church venue. When it comes to sharing ideas and making connections, there is no substitute for in-person conversations.

Polygon Studios was launched in July 2020 with the mission to speed mass adoption of Web 3 gaming and NFTs. Since then, DraftKings announced plans to build an NFT marketplace on Polygon while virtual worlds such as Decentraland and the Sandbox are laying the groundwork for both the metaverse and gaming on the network.

Check out what else they have planned for the remaining days of ETHDenver here.



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