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Solace will be at ETHDenver!

The Solace team is thrilled to share that they will be at ETHDenver 2022! They can’t wait to share how Solace is redefining DeFi coverage.

Solace has a few awesome events happening at ETHDenver:

  • The Solace founder, Nikita, will be presenting “DeFi Risk Management” breaking down risks DeFi users face, current solutions, how to hedge your risk, and how you can build your own risk assessment models.
  • Solace is hosting hackathon bounties totaling up to $15,000 in prizes!
  • Introducing Solace Plan — a brand new, innovative wallet coverage product in DeFi.

Solace is beyond excited to launch Solace Plan live at ETHDenver! They’ll be sharing more information on the product as we get closer to the date.

Be sure to keep an eye on their Twitter, @SolaceFi, and read the rest of their article for more information regarding what they’re planning for ETHDenver 2022 here.



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