The ETHDenver 2020 Finalists, BuffiDAO & Bounty Winners

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4 min readFeb 18, 2020


ETHDenver 2020 Top 24 Presentations.

Congratulations to all of our ETHDenver 2020 finalist projects, BuffiDAO Ultra Vitalik MegaPegaBufficorns and bounty winners! We are still amazed at all of the incredible projects submitted this year. All payouts will be distributed over the next three weeks as ETHDenver coordinates all moving parts. Learn more about how ETHDenver 2020 wrapped below:

The ETHDenver 2020 Finalists

Open Track

UpsideDai is a highly leveraged contract for difference (CFD) built on the price fluctuation of Dai. This enables market makers and speculators to hedge against and bet on the Dai´s price deviation from the peg. The CFD enables high leverage (20x) while remaining capital efficient (100% collateralization). UpsideDAI helps to stabilize the DAI peg by enabling market makers to arbitrage the price of DAI.

The Ethsplainer 2.0
The Ethsplainer 2.0 is an educational tool that peels back the curtain and strips away the magic from blockchain data formats. Users of all levels can explore various blockchain data formats and gain newfound understanding of commonly seen but not often understood data constructs.

Medici is a platform with Youtube and Twitch integrations with the ambition to grow to integrate with all content creation platforms. The platform enables both users and content creators to quantify important metrics on-chain such as; likes, views, subscriptions, time spent watching videos. These data metrics can then be quantified and represented on-chain via a point mechanism. The point mechanism enables reputation to be initially established and through reputation amongst users a closed loop economy can be established around this audience (e.j.: through avenues such as a swag store or NFTs).

ShopiFi is an ecommerce plugin to instantly deposit funds into a DeFi protocol. Any e-commerce solution can install the plugin to allow mainstream users access to Compound, Pool Together, and Chai all via a credit card or Apple/Google Pay. To demonstrate ShopiFi, we launched an e-commerce site selling breakfast cereal, called “General Shills”, because cereal is an important part of a (re)balanced breakfast:

Bitcoin Earn
Earn interest on your bitcoin and access DeFi swaps while still HODLing with Bitcoin Earn.

Impact Track

Detailed project description (no more than 4 sentences): A social network DAO for solving problems. Users post ideas to crowdsource solutions. Donors donate directly to the best solutions. Anyone anywhere can earn rewards for contributing to solutions. Watch our YouTube demo.

WolfPack is a token based gig economy that provides an accessible labor market, identification, work history, personalized wallet, wage theft protection, and financial empowerment to the homeless. By creating a connected relationship between the homeless population and the community in which they reside, Wolf Pack aims to solve a growing problem with a human centered design approach.

Flowerpots are an easy and more open way to sustain projects & maintainers. GitHub Sponsors is marketed as a way to connect maintainers with the community who depend on their work in order to receive recurring funds to sustain digital infrastructure. Other platforms, like Open Collective, have followed suit, making an effort to provide new ways for people to fund free and open source software.

We want to create meaningful “on-ramps” into the ethereum ecosystem for developers with limited or no access to cryptocurrency. Our system is designed to allow these developers and their potential end users to be able to interact with the ethereum blockchain in a real and meaningful way (layer 1 transactions) without ever needing to own a single wei. The gas for their transactions will be paid by beneficiaries who are interested in growing the ecosystem and being charitable while feeling secure in (coded) guarantees as to how their funds would be spent by the benefactor. That’s Metacredits.

Coupling scenario bonding curve markets to a continuous research funding pool and oracle provider ignites a cryptoeconomic knowledge engine, cybernetically feeding financial and epistemic speculation into the production, refinement, and dissemination of information critical to the problems that drive it. Learn more about Glopact/SNODEX.

UltraVitalik MegaPegaBufficorn BuffiDAO Winners

ETHDenver 2020 Celebrity Judge’s Choice Awards

Danny Ryan: Ledger locker
Ilia Polosukhin: Die Kitty Dai
Joe Lubin: Shopifi
Spencer Noon: Outfront
Taylor Monahan: Ethsplainer2.0
Vitalik Buterin: Wolfpack

ETHDenver 2020 Bounty Winners

View all of our Bounty Winners here.

Pepo UX Award Winners

  1. COZ: The social DAO to save the world, a decentralized platform for social good. 3000 $DAI.
  2. Ledger Locker: Get paid for smart contract services, with a live demo of enabling landlords to charge less by earning interest on funds paid into escrow, IOT key unlocking example.
  3. WolfPack: Compelling use case for applying crypto to help homeless persons find work, earn, establish identity and reputation, and better their situation.

CryptoChicks Exploration Track Award Winners

Collegiate B.I.L. by Joseph Wesley: Aproject platform that allows college athletes to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness.

See you at ETHDenver 2021 BUIDLers! We’re looking forward to the Year of the Spork Marmot already…




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