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Update to ETHDenver’s Privacy Policy

ETHDenver’s privacy policy has been updated based on conversations with our community. Our original privacy policy was built based on advice from other leaders in the web3 event space years ago prior to the first ETHDenver event in 2018. Over the past month, feedback and ideas from our community have helped us find a new way to handle data privacy that lets us remain free to attend while preserving the pseudonymity of our attendees.

SporkDAO’s Board of Stewards voted on December 7th to make two important changes to ETHDenver’s privacy policy:

  1. ETHDenver will no longer share attendees’ first/last names or nicknames with event sponsors. Our community was clear that sponsors don’t need this personally identifiable information in order to reach out to people. All other information on the ETHDenver application, such as Github and LinkedIn, remains optional to provide.
  2. Attendees may opt-out of receiving sponsor communications. Another clear theme in the ideas presented during the community call was that people want the option to opt-out of sharing any information with sponsors.

We connected with sponsors to make them aware of these changes and didn’t receive significant pushback from any of them. We have created an opt-out option this year as we were already too late in the application to change it to opt-in. This will change to an opt-in process in future years.

If you would not like to receive sponsor communications, you can opt-out by completing this short form prior to January 31st. After January 31st, many sponsors will have received the attendee list for the sake of communicating about event invitations, job opportunities, product invitations and more. At that point you can unsubscribe by selecting “unsubscribe” from any email received.

We want to thank the community again for taking the time to share your feelings, feedback, and ideas with us at every step of this process. One fellow Bufficorn going by the username “Oops” got the conversation started in our Discord; then two weeks and one community call later, our Board of Stewards formalized the new policy. As we enter our fifth year of BUIDLing the decentralized future together at ETHDenver, the participation and perspectives of all community members is more important than ever.

Let’s BUIDL!

See you all in February,

SporkDAO Board of Stewards



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