Earn HEAL tokens with the Etheal referral reward: give 3%, get 7%

Everything you need to get a 7% bonus on EACH referral contribution that comes through your unique link

Did you know?

During the mothership.cx token sale in July, one ambitious contributor made 193,142 USD by referring 80 contributors.

Etheal’s referral reward: Get 7%, give 3%

You and your friends can earn tons of bonuses through Etheal’s referral rewards during our pre-sale. It’s super simple, the process is just like any referral system, and with a simple copy and paste the potential rewards are huge.

You will receive a 7% bonus based on the number of tokens purchased by your friends, and your friends will receive a 3% bonus for contributing through your referral link.

How to get a referral reward in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Get referral link. Sign up here
Your referral link will look like this: https://etheal.com/#rcXXXX

Step 2: To refer someone, just share your personal referral code with them.

Step 3: The referred person needs to go to https://etheal.com/#rcXXXX with the referral code

Step 4: When they provide their ETH address at http://etheal.com/contribution/#rcXXXX we will automatically assign your code to their contribution

Remember, your friends will also earn an additional 3% with your referral code, so tell them to use it for a win-win.

Where and how should you share your referral code?

The most effective way to make sure your friends see this opportunity is by sending them a private message, with a short explanation (attached below) and your code.

You can also share your code, and a note about the Etheal mission, on messenger platforms like Whatsapp and Viber, and on social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. Forums and chats like Reddit could also win you an audience.

You may even add your message to your bitcointalk signature, or post it in crypto related Telegram groups — but remember not to SPAM anywhere and make to add our short description about Etheal!

What should I say about Etheal?

The Etheal ecosystem is going to revolutionize the $7.6 trillion healthcare industry. They currently have 2.5 million visits/year and a global team that includes a Harvard Medical School alumnus professor, Bank of America and Google professionals and seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs. Both TrackICO and ICObench have ranked them among the TOP Health ICOs!

What else can you share about us?
A link to our post about the exact rules of our 10m+ HEAL token HODL (up to 20m HEAL) reward fund: https://medium.com/etheal/how-to-hodl-with-etheal-4a58d2ec08a7

And instructions on how to contribute on Etheal token sale : https://medium.com/etheal/how-to-contribute-to-etheals-regular-sale-83131a302e16

Still have questions?

Post any remaining questions you have in our Telegram group, we’ll answer them in no time!