How to HODL with Etheal

Etheal’s HODL reward stakes timeline, contract structure, distribution system and guidelines

HODL Rewards: The awesome fine print

HODL rewards are distributed to those token holders who do not move any portion of their HEAL tokens during subsequent months after the token sale closes.

Etheal’s HODL timeline

  • A total of 10,000,000 HEAL tokens will be distributed proportionally to wallets in the 3–6–9 months after the sale closes with a two-week grace period right after the normal sale
  • The release of Etheal’s HODLER fund is tiered in increasing increments: 1,000,000 HEAL tokens will be released after 3 months, 2,000,000 HEAL tokens after 6 months, and 7,000,000 HEAL tokens released after 9 months
  • Eg. Pre-sale and sale HODLERS who do not move any portion of their tokens for 2 weeks + 3 months after their contribution is made, will be rewarded with a proportional amount of the 1M HEAL tokens set aside for 3-month HODLER rewards, in the ratio of their intact stakes to the total amount of HODL stakes
  • Any tokens remaining in the 2M referral reward fund after our regular sale will also be added to the 7M HEAL 9-month HODLER reward fund

How we HODL — Our contract structure and distribution system

Etheal HODL Contract Structure

HEAL token contract is a MiniMe token, which requests a confirmation from the controller before each and every single transfer. This token ensures that:

  • In case of emergency, token transfers can be paused by the controller
  • If someone possesses a valid HODL stake and subsequently moves even a very small portion of their tokens, their stake will immediately be invalidated

Once our regular sale closes, HODL reward stakes are automatically credited to each contributing Ethereum address, in proportion to 1. the amount of HEAL tokens purchased and 2. whether you contributed during the pre-sale or the regular sale. This is worth noting for contributors because:

Tokens purchased during the pre-sale are credited with 2x the amount of HODL reward stakes than those purchased during the regular sale

Eg. If you purchase 1,000 HEAL tokens worth of stake during the pre-sale, then you will be credited with 2,000 HEAL tokens worth of stake based on the terms of the HODL reward contract

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When should I purchase tokens in order to qualify for HODL reward stakes?

  • Only tokens purchased in the pre-sale and the normal sale qualify for HODL rewards
  • All HODL reward stakes will be written into the contracts and distributed two weeks and 3–6–9 months after the regular sale closes.
  • You can check our Etheal crowdsale smart contract here:

Can I purchase HEAL tokens after the pre-sale and regular sale to increase my HODL reward stakes?

  • No. HEAL tokens purchased after the pre-sale and regular sale can not be used to qualify for HODL reward stakes
  • This is because HODL reward stakes can only be written into the pre-sale and regular sale contracts

What happens to my HODL reward stakes if I move my HEAL tokens from the original Ethereum address that I contributed from to a new address?

  • If you move even a small portion of your HEAL tokens from the Ethereum address that you contributed from, your HODL reward stakes will be permanently invalidated, with no possibility for recovery

It is imperative that you contribute from a definitive Ethereum address and HODL 100% of your HEAL tokens on that same address to validate your HODL stakes.

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