Successful token fork

Viktor Tábori
Nov 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Awesome news, the Etheal Team got to the end of the first official HEALtoken fork.

Quick recap of what happened

  1. We found and fixed an additional error in a 3rd party contract (MiniMeToken), and sent a pull request
  2. We have deployed a new hodler contract, and migrated all 932 hodling address data, you can check it over here: 0xb907b9d87fe6bfa04e77308b691ac0246e59c85
  3. we have forked our token contract, this is the new official HEAL contract address: 0x6bd26bb09c992e09d2156b48f723e56e52eead9c
  4. we have launched the the distribution process for the 3 months hodler reward [in progress]
  5. We have spoken with IDEX and other exchanges, and notified them about our new token address
  6. We have registered all the new smart contracts, and notified about the new token address.

What does it mean to you?

You can see the new HEAL tokens on your ETH address

Will I get my HODL reward for 3-month HODLING?

You have already received the HODL reward or you will receive in a few hours. You can check the progress here:

Does it affect 6 and 9 months HODL reward?

No, everything is fixed and we don’t expect any delay in the future HODL reward distributions.

Did I lose my HEAL tokens?

No, nobody lost any HEAL tokens. Nobody received any unfair amount of HEAL token.

I have HEAL tokens on an exchange. Can I sell them now?

Please wait for further notification. We will notify you after the exchanges updated their HEAL token contract. After that, you can trade normally.

Thank you for your patients, you are the best community, and also thank you to everyone on the Etheal Team who worked all around the clock to pull a successful token migration.


Blockchain based healtcare startup

Viktor Tábori

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Blockchain based healtcare startup

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