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The Ether Legends ‘Play to Earn’ rewards and Tokenomics

In this article we will break down the mechanisms to give the community a better understanding of what you earn, how you earn, and things you can do to earn more by playing the Ether Legends Blockchain Trading Card Game. The initial release of the Ether Legends ecosystem is a subset of what will be incrementally released over time for a power packed, player centric, gamified cryto-rewards play to earn ecosystem with the help of Enjin and Polygon (Matic).

Ether Legends Tokenomics Mayhem!

The Initial Breakdown of ‘Play to Earn’ Tokenomics

Trophy of Triumph!

Lets start with Trophies…

Trophies are focal point of our initial ‘play to earn’ rewards ecosystem. Trophies are awarded to players when you defeat an opponent and prevail in arena. Trophies are ONLY awarded to the winner of the match and automatically deposited to the rewards pool smart contract, on behalf of your player account wallet address. The first, beta season drop rate of trophies is 100 trophies awarded to the player, per win.

Seasons of relativity…

A season is determined by the total accumulation of trophies earned by the entire Ether Legends community over a relative but finite duration. The Ether Legends Seasons are built using Blockchain technology, with automation facilitating the start of, conclusion of the season, and distribution of season rewards. The season interval is based on a total threshold of trophies required to conclude the current season. For the pilot beta season (Season 1), a total of 1,000,000 trophies are required to be earned by all players to end the season. Excluding any rewards modifiers, a player can earn 100 trophies for each win. The Ether Legends seasons are a relative conclusion mechanism based on the time it takes to win roughly 10,000 matches as a community, or earn a total of 1,000,000 trophies. Lets break down and highlight the relative rewards mechanic;

Example Scenario: 100 players each win 5 matches per day

— 100 players x 5 matches won by each player = 500 matches won per day total by the community (or by all players)

— 500 matches won in total x 100 trophies awarded per match, per player = 50,000 trophies awarded in total each day

— 50,000 trophies awarded in total each day on average, would require 20 days to conclude the season.

— 50,000 trophies x 20 days = 1,000,000 trophies = Season concludes and rewards distributed, next Season immediately starts.

The more or less players or wins, the more or less trophies will be awarded, thus the variation in time it could take to conclude the season.

Allocation of Rewards…

Screenshot from App — Seasons Pop Up Window from The Ether Legends TCG

Player rewards are determined and allocated based on the relative contribution of the overall number of trophies earned in a season by the player.

Example Scenario: Within a season, a player wins 100 battles, and earns 10,000 trophies (100 trophies per win x 100 wins = 10,000 trophies)

— 10,000 trophies earned by player / 1,000,000 total trophies earned to conclude season = 1% of the total rewards pool

— Player rewards allocation is 1% of total rewards pool

Now for the Season Rewards Pool…

The season rewards pool is based on a percentage of total gross sales by the company during the time frame of the active season duration. Pool rewards can be a combination of Elementeum (ELET), Ether (ETH) and US Dollar coin (USDC), depending on the origination of the sale contribution. The rewards pool distribution proportion is directly linked to the total amount of trophies earned by a player during the season.

Example Scenario: Seasons rewards pool has a total of $10,000 USD equivalent deposited. If player is awarded 10,000 trophies over the course of the season, or 1% of the total trophies earned by the community, this is equal to 1% of the total rewards pool.

— 1% of trophies earned from the total pool by player = 1% of the total rewards pool

— 1% of $10,000 USD total rewards = $100 USD that the player will receive shortly after the conclusion of the season based on the proportion of trophies earned

Note: All reward values are approximate and could vary in value based on market value at any given time.

Within 48 hour of the conclusion of a season, rewards are automatically sent out to a player’s wallet address and can be paid out in any or one of USDC, ETH, and ELET at this time.

The Start of Reward Modifier Tokens…

Currently, there are two rewards modifier tokens that have been completely defined and implemented.

Note: Base trophies awarded per win WITHOUT modifiers is 100.

  1. $LP or Liquidity Provide Token: Increases trophies awarded per win by 1 trophy, per 10 LP Tokens held, and caps out at 500 LP, or 50% trophy reward modifier.

2. $ARENA Token: Increases trophies awarded per win by 1 trophy, per 1 Arena Token, and caps out at 50 Arena Tokens held, or 50% trophy reward modifier.

For example, if player held 5 Arena Tokens, player is awarded 105 trophies per win, instead of the base rate of 100 per win. This is an increase of 5% rewards relative to your total trophies earn potential over the season duration.

The LP Token reward modifier and Arena Token reward modifier are similar in their reward altering mechanics. The basis is that by holding one, either or both of these tokens, the number of trophies a player is awarded is increased, thus increasing your overall season rewards potential. Bottom line — Earn more!

The Arena Token has a multitude of additional rewards modifiers in work and will continue to be incrementally released over time.

Other Rewards + Leaderboards…

Leaderboard screenshot in the Ether Legends TCG

As mentioned, what is described in this article is only a portion of what is to come. In the first Ether Legends ‘Beta’ Season, players can also battle for a spot in the top 10 leaderboard and win a ‘Sir Beta’ Avatar NFT collectible backed by 500 $ENJ each.

After the Beta release is vetted, bugs are fixed and the dust settles — The team is ready to pump more into the ecosystem and player rewards to include more NFT reward type collectibles, whether through achievements, ranking or game progression. Stay tuned!

Player’s also earn in-game experience called “EP” or Ethereal Power whether winning or losing a battle. EP is used to level up a player’s digital characters facilitating end-game progression, for the most ‘experienced’ of all players. Currently, EP is NOT a blockchain currency however with the continued maturity of layer 2 solutions, this is something we are considering to convert to ERC20/ERC1155 at a later time.

Ethereal Power (EP) — Experience Earned

How to obtain reward modifier tokens…

1. LP Tokens are obtained by staking ELET/ETH to the UNISWAP Pool. Once deposited, you receive a LP or Liquidity Provider Token, which is representative of your stake and can be added to or removed at any time. Stake Here

2. ARENA Tokens are a sharded ERC721 NFT called the “Ancient Arena” — which is represented by roughly 10,000 ERC20 Tokens called $ARENA. These can be obtained through Uniswap V2 trade interface. Trade now

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