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Play to Earn Crypto in the Ether Legends Trading Card Game

The Ether Legends ‘Play to Earn’ rewards and Tokenomics

Ether Legends Tokenomics Mayhem!

The Initial Breakdown of ‘Play to Earn’ Tokenomics

Trophy of Triumph!

Lets start with Trophies…

Seasons of relativity…

Allocation of Rewards…

Screenshot from App — Seasons Pop Up Window from The Ether Legends TCG

Now for the Season Rewards Pool…

The Start of Reward Modifier Tokens…

  1. $LP or Liquidity Provide Token: Increases trophies awarded per win by 1 trophy, per 10 LP Tokens held, and caps out at 500 LP, or 50% trophy reward modifier.

Other Rewards + Leaderboards…

Leaderboard screenshot in the Ether Legends TCG
Ethereal Power (EP) — Experience Earned

How to obtain reward modifier tokens…

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