A second life for all of us.

Virtual worlds are three dimensional environments in which we can interact with others under any form of avatar. We can say your avatar is your alter-ego. There can exist various virtual worlds. Some that are strikingly similar to our world, or fantasy worlds which are completely disconnected to what is common to us on a daily basis. It is possible to chat and communicate with whomever is connected to the VW in which we are in, all around the world.

In virtual worlds, you can be whoever or whatever you wish to be. A dog, a wolf, a woman if you are a man and vice versa. Clearly, anything is possible!

The first thought that comes to mind about virtual worlds is: gaming. Well yes indeed, it is one mean of usage for VW, but not the only one. Nowadays, they are used for education and research; with virtual classrooms, students can learn and experiment new things in a safe environment as it is all virtual. For example, imagine you created this new glider aircraft, but you aren’t sure it works perfectly; well you could try it in the virtual world and test it to see if any functionnality are missing.

A few decentralized applications have started doing their own virtual world, most of them concentrated on games, but each have their own particularity. The interesting outcome of developing Virtual Worlds is how people have assets in these worlds. Therefore, assets in blockchain. These assets become as valuable as ‘real’ assets, but one good outcome, is that not one operator can take them from you, you cannot be erased.

Blockchain is a shared vision of reality, which makes virtual worlds a reality.

Here is a list of a few dApps on virtual world:

  • Etheria: The first-ever decentralized virtual world
  • NEVERDIE: Gamified job creator and virtual world infrastructure
  • Decentraland: A blockchain-based virtual reality world
  • LoftVR: Virtual Reality Arcades powered by Ethereum

So many opportunities! So many dApps!

Once again, anything is possible!

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