[Adventure Mode #2] Pre-Sale Mechanism

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Hey everyone,

We have hundreds of messages asking us “When will Pre-Sale start?” and “What will people expect in Adventure Mode” over the last 2 months and we have been working hard to guarantee the best game mode that you all have been waiting for.

We have also posted a detailed explanation about Adventure Mode Gameplay. If you haven’t read it yet, check the post HERE

Now, without further ado, let’s talk about ADVENTURE MAP PRE-SALE!!!

1. Pre-Sale mechanism — How to own Adventure Map

  • There are in total 108 Adventure Maps (also known as Exploration sites) and this number remains at 108 permanently. Each map will be co-hosted by exactly 10 hosts. Each part of a map is a ERC-721 token (like your Mon), as such, you can transfer or sell to others anytime.
  • Exactly 54 Adventure Maps will be sold in this Pre-Sale event. That means 540 slots are up for grab to become an adventure host.
  • The Pre-sale will follow an auction process. 52 Maps will be sold in ETH and 2 Maps will be sold in EMONT with the starting bid placed at 0.5 ETH and 250 EMONT. There are 10 winning bids for each map. The next bid must be at least 0.05 ETH or 50 EMONT higher than the lowest bid among the top 10 bids. In the event that 2 bids have the same amount, the earlier bid will be considered higher bid.
  • Once you bid for a map, you cannot withdraw your bid amount until you are outbid (meaning you are no longer among the top 10 bidders of that map).

Mon-seekers, you can now put your hard-earned EMONT in good use!

2. EMONT rewards for bidders

EMONT will be rewarded for the Pre-Sale participants as follow:

  • 100-EMONT reward: Within the first 48 hours, every address making at least 1 bid will receive 100 EMONT
  • 50-EMONT reward: After the first 48 hours, within the next 7 days (the next 168 hours), every address making at least 1 bid will receive 50 EMONT
  • Each address is only eligible for this reward once and if you are already eligible for the 100-EMONT reward, you will not be eligible for the 50-EMONT reward. Rewards will be distributed after the Pre-Sale. Rewards are only applied for bidding using ETH.

3. Earning income by owning Adventure Map

By owning an Adventure Map, you will earn passive income from Mons’ adventures in 2 ways:

1/ Adventure

  • Every time players let their Mons go on an adventure, they will pay a fee. The default fee will be 0.01 ETH or 15 EMONT. The Map hosts will get this fee as income.
  • 90% of a Map’s fee will be equally distributed to the Map’s owner. The remaining 10% will go to Etheremon team for the contract maintenance.
  • As the owners of the Maps, you have the right to set the adventure fee. The final adventure fee that player actually pay will be a consensus of all the fees that their owners have set (mechanism to be announced before Adventure Mode launch).

2/ Challenge

  • 10 site hosts in each Adventure site can build a gym where each host will be able to assign 1 monster to guard it.
  • A player can challenge these sites’ hosts by sending a monster to fight against their gym-guarding ones. He can choose a specific site to challenge. However, to locate gym in a site, that site must be explored by his Monsters first.
  • Similar to the Exploration game, the site’s hosts collect fee from players in every challenge. Default fee will be set at 0.005 ETH or 8 EMONT, but the site hosts can also determine this fee. Revenue sharing will follow the same distribution as exploration site (90% to site hosts–10% to Etheremon team)

From January to April, we saw a total volume of 125 ETH from Casual and Practice modes and number of battles has been growing 37% month-over-month to over 45,000 battles in April only. With exciting casual gameplay, Adventure mode might become the most favourable game mode in the near future.

4. Decentraland Integration Parnership

There will be more exciting things coming along with this game mode. One of those is the future collaboration between Etheremon and Decentraland team to link up Adventure Map and Decentraland Map if users have ownership on both platforms.

5. Pre-Sale timeline

  • The Pre-Sale will start at 00.00 UTC, 26 May 2018 and ends at 00.00 UTC, 16 June 2018.
  • You can only join the Pre-Sale after registration. Register now at the Official Pre-Sale Page!

Etheremon team

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