Adventure Mode Launch — A Look Back

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank our community for sharing your moments with Etheremon Adventure.

As you all know, our new game feature — Adventure Mode was officially released last Thursday, September 06th, which opened up a new adventure for players, where players can send their Mons to explore many Adventure sites to collect massive rewards.

Adventure Mons — one kind of rewards have been always the biggest wish. Until now, the highest priced Adventure Mon was sold at 1 ETH, a whopping 100x return from the initial purchase of 0.01 ETH or 15 EMONT for Exploration fee.

Also, don’t be sad if you have not yet caught any Adventure Mons. There are many other rewards such as level up stone, booster shards, EXP boxes and EMONT. There has been over 7,000 EMONT being collected in Adventure Mode, and reward value continues increasing.

Site hosts, who own Adventure sites and become our partners and stakeholders, can earn permanent income from this game mode. Their bonus has been 20%, 7 days after the game launch. This is the reason why owning Adventure sites is one of the most attractive offers of the game.

Welcome, new Monseekers!

We all understand Blockchain and Dapp games are still novel to everyone, as such, we treasure every entry of new Mon-seeker to the game. For us, staying true our goal, we want to bring blockchain games closer to you and many other gamers.

After only 24 hours since launch, there were 3000 Adventures played. Our new users growth for the last 7 days was 73% higher than the previous weeks. Thank you so much for becoming new members of Etheremon and we hope you will enjoy our Etheremon world and build an great community together with us!

Etheremon Team

— — —

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