Finally it’s time!!!

Enter Etheremon Adventure Page here to bid for the adventure sites you want!

If you bid with ETH within the first 48 hours, you will get 100-EMONT reward, so take note of this important timeline

At the time we are writing this, ALL SITES had at least 1 bidder. Especially, White House site and Nijo Castle site seem to be the most busy place. There are so many bids coming to this that the next secure bid will be at least 0.75 ETH.

We are expecting other sites to be filled up 10 bids very fast, so bidding early might get you the site at lower price. Having said that, you do not need to worry about your bid amount when you are outbid, it will be refunded to your address immediately so you can bid again right away.

We also have to mention the small hiccup we ran into at the beginning of the Pre-sale. Thanks to the community for helping us point out the wrong setting in our smart contract. The wrong setting only allowed for 2 successful bids instead of 10, which is the correct number of co-host for each site.

We have quickly fixed it and deployed the new contract within a few minutes after the issue was found:

New contract:

For you to refer to the old contract:

All ETH and EMONT bids locked in our old contract were refunded right after with a small compensation of 0.05 ETH and 50 EMONT respectively for every bid. We are very sorry for this issue. If you encounter any problems, please drop us any email with your ether address to

Everything is ready now. We can feel the hype in the community!!!

Bid here and join hangout in our Discord channel to discuss with other Mon-seekers which sites being the best to go for.


Etheremon Team

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