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We all know that there are lots of thing to expect in Etheremon, but above all, it all begins with the Monsters (Mons), the highlight of the game. Etheremon provides so many options but which would be a good choice for you?

The previous articles were written to introduce the game, the principles and even the in-game cryptocurrency. This time, players will be shown details about the Mons, why to pick them, how to pick them and what to expect.

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There are many Mons in the Official Store and each comes with 6 different stats. Knowing well what they means and how those quality affect your pick might actually help your selection! These are some pertinent information about Mons that will make it easier for you:

Type: Determines Etheremon’s value. Each Etheremon possesses from 1 to 3 types out of 17 discovered types. Each type has a distinct kind of strength and has advantage over exactly another type in the circle. It will help to shape your strategy in battle.

Battle Power: Determines strength of a Mon. How high its Primary Attack is, how strong its Primary Defense, Speed, Health, etc. are will all impact the Mon’s overall power. Of course, the higher these stats are, the more expensive the Mon can be.

Price: Shows current price of a Mon. “Next Price” is also provided, which tells how much it would cost to buy the same Mon next. You can increase your chance of catching by choosing “Secure Catching” when many players are trying to buy it at the same time. This means to pay with a higher price than the listed one to guarantee successful transaction. However, you don’t need to worry to overpay as the change will be given back when upon successful transaction.

Total Catch: Shows total number of a Mon’ species up to now. It will help to evaluate the Mon’s rareness.

Gen: The Mon’s generation. All of the offspring that are at the same stage of descent from a common ancestor. Gason is a special Gen which are usually used as supporting Mons in battle.

Ancestors: An ancestor increases their descendant’s offensive stats in battle. Also, a Mon can transform only when you have all of its ancestors.

Next forms: Shows all forms of a Mon, what to expect when you decide to transform it.

Extension information: What it takes to transform or lay eggs, level requirements for such actions as well as whether a Mon can lay eggs or not.


Active player or passive holder of collectibles, or both?

There are many ways to approach the game, depending on your own purposes. Are you an investor or a gamer? What about being both?

  • Etheremon can be a fun game as well as an investing channel. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have much time playing. It’s still possible for you to take part in Etheremon. In fact, you can wait for growth in value of the Mons you own, as some Mons will have:
    ** Decreasing supply (for example, more Mons are evolved so it’s lower form become rarer) or
    ** Increasing demand (for example, some Mons will be sought by more players if they are requirements to evolve other Mons) over time.
    Isn’t it worth to buy into?
  • However, a lot may prefer to join battles to enjoy the game more actively. Active training, battling and trading will increase value of your Mons and might help you get a lot more rewards to build a more valuable team of Mons.

Indeed, you can always combine both approaches to maximize your profit as well as have lots of fun in-game. It’s your choice to become an either investor, a gamer or both.

Whoever you decide to become, do remember Mons’ value follows the rule of supply and demand, simple to say, the rarer, the more expensive they become.

Value drivers:

Mons’ scarcity

To some Mons, it is its nature of rarity that keeps their population small, there isn’t a way to increase its amount. Some other Mons are only catchable for a limited time period and after that can only be found in Market.

Whichever, those Mons are in confined supply and the continuous increase in players’ number will drive up their demand, which will consequently pump their value.

Mons’ ability

  1. Laying eggs: Some Mons can lay eggs and you can always sell their eggs or newborns at a more competitive price than the Store. Do note that when a Mon gives birth, its level will be reduced. (For example, a level 30 Cobrus will drop 3 levels after laying an egg.) Eggs will hatch into Mons and the duration of this process is randomized from as little as a few hours or as long as several days.
  2. Stronger Forms, Stronger Mons: Many players want stronger Mons in market rather than spend time training them up. As such, to boost your Mons’ price, you can spend train your Mons, transform them to make them worthier assets in market


Gen-0 — This is a special generation. They do not have any ancestors and they cannot lay eggs. Do remember that when players decide to evolve their monsters to new levels, gen 0 will be rare, so the number of gen-0 monsters is limited can only be bought in market. They can even go extinct after all of them have evolved. As such, these Mons’ supply is limited or even reduces over time, while their demand increases along with the growth of user number.

Barkindle & Ruffski

Ruffski & Barkindle (Limited Editions for Lunar New Year Eve) was on sale for 3 days, at 0.5 ETH for each new monsters), so now they only can be found in market. Their ancestors are free starter monsters, so it is easy to buff them.

Let’s wait no more, join the world of Etheremon right away, build the best strategy and don’t forget 3 free Mons are waiting to join your journey!

Etheremon Team

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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