[Beginner Tips #4] Ranked Mode: Let the battle begin!

Minh Do
Minh Do
Sep 18, 2018 · 4 min read

Battle is one of the most interesting thing about Etheremon and whether players choose to be a gamer or an investor, they all want to try out battles for at least once.

Now as mentioned before, there are four modes in total and there might be more exciting modes coming in the future but for today, let’s talk about Ranked Mode, one of the most important part of the game.

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The rules are simple. This has 3 1-on-1 fights between 2 teams of 3 fighters and up to 3 supporters. Fighter Mons will be matched up following teams’ lineup. To be specific, the Mon in position 1 team 1 will fight against the Mon in position 1 team 2 and so on. A match ends when a Mon’s HP turns to zero or if not, after 10 turns. Team that wins 2 matches out of 3 wins the battle.


Battle Power and Type
In the previous post, guidance on how to pick yourself a Mon that fits you most was discussed and you should be familiar with the concept of Battle Power of a Mon. Joining a battle, these stats are very important to take note of.

First, in a fight, higher-speed Mon attacks first. Damage in each turn will be either the difference between Mons’ PA (Primary Attack) and PD (Primary Defense) or between their SA (Secondary Attack) and SD (Secondary Defense), whichever higher will be taken. At least 10 damage point must be dealt each turn and you will see damage dealt directly on the Mon’s HP.

After the battle, EXPs are rewarded to both winning and losing Mons, depending on the match result and the level gap between two Mons.

Don’t forget your Mons’ type is important too as a type can overshadow another. Let’s look at the table below for more details.

Of course, Battle Power and Mons type aren’t the only factors of a combat.

Buff and Critical Hits
Buff, as the word suggests, is an increase of power to a Mon when it joins battle with supporters (Gason and Ancestors).

“Gason” is a class of supporting Mons that buff the defense power of other Mons of the same type. Each Gason possesses exactly one type and every type has a Gason associated to it. “Ancestors” can also help your Mon in the encounter as well as in its transformation. Each Mon has up to 3 ancestors.

How buffs work:

  • Each Gason of the same type will buff a Mon’s PD and SD by 10%.
  • Each ancestor will buff its descendants’ PA and SA by 10%
  • Having a type advantage over the opponent will buff a Mon’s PA, SA, PD and SD by 30%.

Here you can notice that choosing a good type of Mon for battle helps a lot, and it works in a very logical way, for example, Water-type Mon obviously has advantage over a Fire-type counterpart.

Critical Hits:

  • During a turn, Mons can sometimes deal a critical hit, which is triggered randomly. PA and SA are increased 30% in a critical hit. This is something you can’t control. However, this is a fun part of battle as it can sometimes help you make a surprised comeback.

Let’s jump into your first Ranked Battle now as this is all you need to know about the mode. Get ready to up your rank and gain some EXP and EMONT!


Etheremon Team,

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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