Ceremonial retrieval of Mon’s souls

It’s October again, another season of Halloween is coming and no doubt, the Hell Gate is being opened and will remain opened until the end of the month. This will help blurring the border of dead and alive… Oh look, it’s happening in Etheremon’s world too and yes, we will undead the deads!

TL;DR — For this Halloween Season, there is a special Soul Wisp called Spookaboo which can be found in 4 Adventure Sites. Spookaboo has a power to revive some “Dead” Badge Mon (#1,#2,#3 catches). Be quick and grab this unique opportunity to own a rare Mon. The event runs from 12 to 31 October!

If you notice, the echo of the Dead is coming from Adventure Mode, the hell of gate only appears in some Maps. Don’t be distracted for a second because this event throws out the spookiest and most amazing things you can imagine yet.

“Dead” Monster Pool

Let’s talk about the deads. In the early articles of Mons and some gameplays that were published, we did mention that there are some Mons which no longer exist. They are considered “dead” when being transformed to higher forms. This situation leaves some Mon species rarer overtime

For example, if a #1 Barkindle evolves to Wolflaze (the 2nd form), this #1 Barkindle will be considered “dead” as it is no longer owned by anyone and cannot be retrieved.

We are giving you a unique chance to revive some of those gone Mons in this special Halloween Event. Let’s just say that some of these Mons are very powerful and so when they’re no longer exist, they do not completely disappear but instead become Spookaboo. This Event will allow you to catch them and bring them back to life before the Hell Gate is closed. All these Mons are #1 or #2 or #3 catches and so, do remember that the restored ones are back with rocket prices.

The following is a list of Dead Mons that can be revived:

  • Catch number #1: Mapla, Noxareo, Wolflaze
  • Catch number #2: Felistar, Moldec, Ruffski, Vexigon
  • Catch number #3: Aquary, Barkindle, Clothom, Florost, Kikapole, Malakel’e

The Hell Gate will only be opened from October 12th (2PM UTC) until October 31st (2PM UTC) or even earlier if all 7 Spookaboos are found. Now you will be wondering the strength of Spookaboo. Here is a brief explanation:


These powerful spirits are called Spookaboo — a Soul Wisp which is for reviving the deads. There are 7 Spookaboos which have chance to be found in 4 maps (Mount Kilimanjaro, Red Fort, Great Pyramid, Opera House). If you notice, these maps are not some random maps but places Phantom Mons (Clothom and Felistar) are found in Adventure. This Soul Wisp comes with a super limited quantity as the drop rate at sites is only 1%. During this event, this Soul Wisp will replace Booster Shard at those sites.

4 Adventure Sites where Spookaboo can be found

After collecting the Spookaboo, a revival ritual can be set to retrieve the dead Mons back, this needs to be processed in a place called “Land of Lore” from Oct 26th to 31st and each Spookaboo will summon 1 of the 13 “dead” Mons randomly. Remember that if you fail to summon your Dead Mons before the end of Halloween, Spookaboos are left with no power.

Halloween isn’t everyday and this offer brings you only the best, let’s go find Spookaboo and recall Lore Mons right from today!

Lots of Love ❤

Etheremon Team

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