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Etheremon 2018 — A look back

For those who are yet familiar with Etheremon, this is an advanced crypto-collectibles game in the realm of online gaming. Player can capture monster called Mons (Etheremon) and trade with others. Moreover, players will be able send their Mons to gyms, battle against others in ranked mode or send Mons to adventure to get rewards.

End of 2017 got off to a great start with Etheremon launch. Since then, Etheremon has always maintained the top 3 position on Dappradar ‘s rankings, we are very grateful to the player community and our partners for having always supported to help Etheremon world grow larger and more interesting.

Take a look back at the most memorable milestone of Etheremon in the past year:

Official Launch

The game concept is introduced and released to the Ethereum mainnet, Etheremon was official launch by offering Mons. Gen 0 is the first Mons Generation being introduced. On December 17th, Palytid — the 1st Mon was caught. Three days after launching, there were 14,000 transactions made. So far, there have been 9,516 Gen-0 Mons owned by Etheremon players.

Palytid — the 1st Mon caught in Etheremon
  • December 30th: Gen1 Mons was released. Up till now, 20 species of Gen 1 have been discovered in Etheremon’s world.

The Fundamental Game Features Implemented

Battle is one of the most important and exciting aspects of the Etheremon’s world. Also, an indispensable part of a blockchain game — Market, a place for monsters trading was developed and introduced to players during the same period.

  • January 3rd: The first battle mode of our Etheremon World — Castle mode was released
  • January 14th: Release of Gym mode, to help players train Mon and earn EXP
  • January 21st: New game rules of Etheremon transformation and egg laying was introduced, opening Etheremon’s marketplace to trading, lending and transferring Mons. Besides, in-game currency: EMONT — an ERC20 token was introduced.
  • February 14th: Happy Lunar New Year! Barkindle and Ruffski were the special Mons put up for sale during this occasion, for only 3 days.
  • March 1st: Etheremon teams up with Decentraland, aiming to level up the gaming experience one step further by bringing Etheremon into Decentraland’s virtual reality.

Improving User Experience

By listening to suggestions and feedback of the player community, game features have been gradually improved and enhanced, together with the release of some new features.

  • April 6th: To better serve the new players as well as create a competitive playground for veterans, Ranked Mode was released.
  • April 15th: to ensure for more fair competition and a better reward system, energy was added
  • May 26th — June 16th: Adventure Mode Presale to offer a new experience with the first 54 maps being offered for sale.

A paradigm shift in gaming experience

  • July 4th : 3D models were added, players able to see their monsters in 3D.
    Battle UI was updated.
  • August 1st: Adventure game mode was released; site ownership was officially transferred to site owners in their wallet.
  • September 6th: Adventure mode was opened. Players can send their Mons to explore those sites in the Etheremon’s world and collect rewards.
  • September 18th: Etheremon integrates with Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol to offer more payment options to players. Many popular ERC-20 tokens can be used to purchase Mons in store.
  • October 8th: Adventure site host can determine game fee.
  • October 12th: October Halloween event — Spookaboo released, the only chance of the year to revive “dead” Mons.
  • December 3rd: Achievement system released.
  • December 25th: New battle arena

Thank you again for your continuous support throughout the year. Let’s roll out into 2019 together!

Etheremon Team




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