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ETHEREMON is one of the first blockchain games built on the Ethereum network. It creates a world of Ether Monsters (Mons) in which players can:

  • Capture and train Mons to form a powerful team
  • Battle against others’ teams
  • Trade Mons and collect in-game currency for monetary reward.

ETHEREMON was created from the founders’ passion to bring joy and meaningful interaction into the hottest, newest technology platform — blockchain. But above all, setting the foundation of Gaming 3.0 is the mission.

To put this into perspective, let’s first examine the Gaming 1.0 and 2.0 experience.

Game 1.0 and 2.0, a quick glance at history

The ultimate control of game developers is the biggest issue

Game 1.0 — A few successful titles in the first wave of video games were Super Mario, Contra, Tetris, Pokemon, GTA. These are mostly single-player games, which focus on letting one (or occasionally few other players) immerse in the narrative of a fantasy world. These titles can be hosted on different medium like console, PC, mobile, but the simple interaction classifies them in the Game 1.0 era.

Source: Mario — example of Game 1.0

Game 2.0 and 2.5 — With the rise of the internet, people can be connected through a shared narrative in a multiplayer environment. The most successful ones in Game 2.0 are the Massively multiplayer online games (MMO) like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO or Diablo III.

Source: Overwatch — example of Game 2.5

The success of MMO established Esports: competitive gaming at professional level. Watching the experts competing in Esports tournaments has become a popular form of entertainment. An industry estimated to worth $1.5Billion in 2020, Esports defines Game 2.5.

Nevertheless, players continue to call for a more fulfilling gaming experience. From single to shared narrative, now players are looking to fully immerse in their game environment. Likewise, true ownership over the experience is demanded. Players no longer tolerate when characters which they spent years to build got replicated or nerfed within seconds by games’ developer. These titles become less enticing to players as their efforts could be worthless. The idea that every video game is centralized, exclusively controlled by a handful of developers and distributors is challenged. These are answered as we transcend into Game 3.0.

Game 3.0 — Combination of Blockchain and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) — changing interactivity in gaming

ETHEREMON — Future VR world of Etheremons on blockchain

VR technology is on the race of getting better and cheaper everyday. This means full immersion is becoming more accessible to the general public, especially gamers. Advanced motion tracking provided in most recent VR headset is making it intuitive and fascinating for players to interact with the virtual game environment. Though VR Games are still in its infancy phase, it is definitely leading the revolution of Game 3.0.

Players change the way they interact in VR environment, yet the game infrastructure stays almost the same. This still leaves players dependent on the game creator and distributor, with little to no ownership over their experience and character. That’s where blockchain can make a difference in Game 3.0.

Blockchain — the revolutionary approach to gaming

Built on the decentralized network, games like ETHEREMON can bring the advantages of blockchain into gaming.

Etheremon — Real battle game on blockchain

#1. Player’s full ownership

Blockchain game can eliminate the middleman — the game distributor. The role of the game creator is similarly minimized. In ETHERMON, this mean the players are the true owners of the game. Players have complete control over their gaming assets: their Mons and their in-game currency. As these data stored on blockchain is unchangeable, player’s assets can’t be altered by anyone; even if the distributor and the creator is no longer in operation.

#2. Trustless marketplace

Transactions on blockchain are transparent. This allow ETHEREMON to create a safe and efficient environment for players to extract real value through trading their game assets.

The latest data from March to April 2018 showed that on average, players are making 400% return selling their Mons on ETHERMON market. In the same period, the highest priced Mon was sold at 4.99 ETH (USD$2500 at the time of transaction), a whopping 4990% profit from the initial investment of 0.1 ETH.

#3. 100% uptime

Lastly, ETHEREMON is host on the Ethereum network, where every node maintain the chain. This ensures zero downtime , reduces risk of tampering and fraud.

…having said that, blockchain has its limitations which are being addressed

The intrinsic challenge of blockchain is high transaction fee at high volume of transaction. At the moment, it is costly for players to play during ‘peak’ periods. To overcome this, ETHEREMON team incorporated an off-chain, centralized solution inside the decentralized environment. This method allows some activities that do not benefit from the advantages of blockchain to be hosted off-chain. While taking the advantages of decentralized network, ETHEREMON utilizes resources efficiently to reduce transaction fees for players.

Combining Blockchain and VR, the revolution of Game 3.0 is on the way. These technology will enable players to have full ownership and immersion in the fantasy world. One of the first blockchain games, ETHEREMON is on its way to set the foundation of Game 3.0.

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain


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A blockchain game about collecting, training, evolving and trading Monsters, built with blockchain and VR technology. Think Pokemon on blockchain.



Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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