[Etheremon Dev Update] 2019.02.25

Hi Mon-Seekers,

To keep you updated, here are some features that we are developing.

1. New Game UI

All gameplays (Adventure, Battle) are going to be moved to a separate Game Scene. This makes it easier to play the game, as well as to introduce new gameplay later on.

Expected release date: Mar 5

2. MonDex and Etheremon Guide

Etheremon Guide is a full version of the gameplay and game logic; to ensure new users understand the whole game much more easily.

Meanwhile, MonDex enables players to easily look up all Mon species and 50,000 Mons in the Etheremon world. You will know which exactly which Mons species you haven’t got and learn where to find them.

Expected release date: Mar 5

What coming next?

- Ranking Competition Rewards

The first Ranking Competition rewards will run early March, followed by a built-in feature for the game to offer regular Ranking Season Rewards.

Expected release date: End Mar

- Game Tutorial

To reduce friction for new players, a game tutorial will be added to walk users step-by-step through game features.

Expected release date: Mid Mar

- Off-chain Etheremons

Mintol, Kyari, and Omnom will be available off-chain. They will be given to new players when they join the game. This way, players won’t have to pay any transaction fee to try out the game.

However, to transform these off-chain Etheremons or to list them on the market, players have to claim them on chain.

Expected release date: End Mar

- Tournament

Expected release date: TBU

Etheremon Team.

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