Etheremon Event Updates — 25 April 2018

Apr 26, 2018 · 4 min read

Japan Events and upcoming Singapore event

Hi everyone,

Here are the quick updates on our 2 events in Japan just happened this week and what is coming next.

We visited Japan to present in the Ginco App Launch event on 25 April. This is quite a big milestone of Ginco team and we are honored to be one of their long-term partner. Japan’s weather is perfect and welcoming during our stay. We also had chance to share in a small, cozy meetup organized organized by BLOCKMAN team in the evening a day before Ginco event.

  1. Meetup Event organized by BLOCKMAN

We were so glad to be invited to speak in the Meetup event alongside with notable influencers in the cryptogame/blockchain communties. There are 50+ Japanese friending joining. Host Naohiru Kimura and Sanehiro Hirata have been very helpful and dedicated since the preparation phase.

Let’s look back at some of the moments captured in the meetup

2. Ginco App Launch Event

This event was really a hype of our visit. Ginco team was awesome to host a very professional event, attended by around 200 investors, blockchain startups, journalists and influencers. We have shared about our vision about Etheremon as Game 3.0, where Blockchain and VR technology combine to bring the whole new experience to players.

The event also announces our partnership with Ginco. This shows a long-term commitment of Etheremon team to Japan market as well as prepares for the important development of Etheremon as a native mobile app to continue bringing better experience to our mobile users. As Ginco is poised to become the biggest crypto mobile wallet in Japan and its being quick to adopt NFTs(non-fungible tokens), this partnership is an important step for Etheremon team to serve Japanese users better in the future.

We were also happy to address the questions from the floor. The audience is excited about the benefit of blockchain to gaming industry, especially about the absolute ownership of in-game assets being transferred to players, allowing more players to gain actual profits from playing games. Everyone is also excited to see people raising up Mons as pets, when VR element kicks in.

3. Upcoming Singapore Event on 03 May by Decentraland, Etheremon, Trinity and Zeppelin

Either you are into gaming or not, you should not miss this. Gaming Dapps are expected to lead the blockchain industry and be the first to bring impact among all blockchain-related applications to the world in 2018. Join the evening event on 03 May to see how Co-founders of notable projects view the industry of NFT and Blockchain Gaming.

Register now as tickets are limited!

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