Etheremon Game Updates (2019.03.05)

New Encyclopedia, New Game Guide released today. Etheremon World Map to be expected later this week.

As we have shared in our Roadmap blog post last month, we are focusing on features that can iron out barriers for new users to enjoy the game. Keeping that in mind, we are glad to inform the first batch of changes to Etheremon UI together with the next Rank Competition event this week. All details are as below:

New Encyclopedia

MonDex: A place that lists out all Mons in the Etheremon world. There are nearly 50,000 Mons captured as of March 2019. Filter bar also has a new look. You can filter Mons by Gen, Type, Forms, down to a more detailed level of Level and BP.

Mon Species: Here you will know which species you have owned and which you have not. Now it’s much easier for you can track your Mon Species collection to build a collection of your own. We also added some icons on top right hand corner of each card to indicate if you can find a Mon in store or in Adventure mode. Those without those icons can only be acquired in market via trading.

Adventure Sites info: List of adventure sites, rewards are now moved under Encyclopedia

New Game guide

Blockchain in particular and blockchain game is very potential but still quite novel for many users. There are some user experience challenges for blockchain game that requires a longer time to overcome. That’s reason why we build game guide to help you understand more about the Etheremon world.

Gym Mode Closing

We have informed briefly on our social media channels last week that Gym Mode would be closed down for renovation. We will have a new mode to replace it in the future.

Hongbao Reward Redeem Ending

Thank you again for joining our Lunar New Year event. The reward redemption has ended and all remaining hongbaos have been converted into Energy and credited directly to your account.

Etheremon World Map

As there are quite many updates for the product, we decided to break them into 2 batches to ensure a smooth transition. The release of the new Etheremon Map will be scheduled on this Thursday, 7 Mar 2019, 8AM UTC.

Rank Competition Event (8 Mar 2019)

The first Rank Competition event — King of the Hills will be scheduled to start this Friday, 8 March 2019. Stay tuned for the full event details in the coming days!


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