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Aug 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Mentioned in the previous post, some tip and information was given out to help you dive into this magical world of MONS: Etheremon. This time let’s wait no more ’cause today we will share more details about the gameplay part! Now note that there are 4 types of game that is provided in the system, here are some general instructions:

Okay, after filling up the Energy, you will have this 4 following options to start the game:

#1. Gym mode:

This is like going to the Gym, or in fact, taking your Mons to work out to get them ready for intense battles. There are 9 non-player trainers waiting to push you as hard as a PT you hired to help you lose weights. Your Mons will battle the trainers one by one for a total of 3 matchups. As a result, you can earn some EXP when your Mons finish their work out.

Each time, you can select 1 Mon to train it individually here. Only Mons level 10 and below can enter gym. Stronger Mons should enter real battles to test their strength.

#2. Practice:

Just like most of battles in this world, you can’t fight alone and a good selection team is more likely to get you further, Etheremon battles let you take part in any mode with a team of Mons you choose as well.

There can be maximum 3 supporters and 3 fighters in Mons Team.

You need to provide your Mons Energy by claiming free energy (1 Energy regen per hour) or buying energy packs to feed them up fully and they’re ready to go!

Practice Mode allows you to have a preparation before really going in a fight. It’s like a simulated test where your scores don’t count but you will know how it’s really like to take an actual test. Here you can learn how to form a team the most effective and earn Exp for your Mons without getting penalty (i.e. losing rank).

#3. Rank:

This mode is quite similar to Practice but aim to increase players’ rank. So this is the actual test. Everything happen here counts. You will earn or lose an amount of points respectively to the result (win or defeated). The stronger your opponent is, the more rating points you will gain for winning while you lose less points when losing. Don’t pick the fight with the weak, that’s what they taught me in school.

Additional reward that Rank offer and Practice doesn’t is EMONT reward for every win.

Note that battles in Rank mode was moved to off-chain so that playing fee is very insignificant. You can technically play rank mode for free now, if you discount the gas fee for claiming energy, which is very very small.

(Further info about off-chain battles: Here)

#4. Adventure:

Adventure is a mode in which you can have your MONs on adventures and receive crazy rewards as when they return. There are 54 Adventure sites and each is hosted by exactly 10 users.


In this mode, a fee is required to have your Mons visit sites and collect rewards (which are EXP boxes or sometimes, Legendary Mons, if you are as lucky as Domino in Dead Pool 2).

Don’t worry too much about the fee, it’s like entering a circus, you will always gotta pay some money. In my personal experience, the most colorful, the more fun to expect!

  • Here are some Adventure rewards that you can receive:
  • Level-up Stones: add +1 or +2 levels to Mons immediately.
  • Booster Shards: to enhance Mons’ stats.
  • EXP boxes: 50, 100, 200 and 500 EXP.
  • EMONT: 3, 5, 10 and 15 EMONT.
  • Legendary Mons

Tada, that’s almost everything you need to really get going with Etheremon, so don’t hesitate a second more, let’s take a step into the game!

What’s more is we constantly trying everyday to build up the game to provide endless excitement, VR version will be released by the end of this year, so stay tuned!


Etheremon Team

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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