Etheremon Updates 2019.02.13

Hi all,

First of all, to those who celebrate Lunar New Year, Happy New Year!!! Wish you and your family have a prosperous year of pig! We would like to also extend this wish to everyone in our community.

1. The Lunar New Year Piggy Raid Event Summary

The Lunar New Year event has ended. Here is a quick summary

  • Pigperus: Total 46 caught, 4 has been evolved into Boarazer
  • Piggicius: Total 12 caught in the Adventure Mode, 3 have been evolved into Wartoink. 74 more were caught from the Lucky Wheel.

Piggicius and Level-up Stones will be transferred to all winning accounts by next Monday (18 Jan). Meanwhile, we are letting everyone to spin the remaining Hongbao by end of this week. All unspent amount will be converted into Energy after the Event page is closed on 18 Jan.

2. Game Roadmap in remaining Q1 2019

As we mentioned early Jan 2019, we planned to roll out the Challenge Game mode and Mon Move system in Q1 this year. It is currently 50% developed and we are on track for the release. Having said that, we have been also considering many feedback about other aspects of the game from our players.

We realized some important subjects we need to address first should be User Experience (especially for new users), ranking rewards, end-game meta and Mons’ values. That in turn made us realize some other features in our pipeline should be prioritized over the Challenge Mode. As such, we will put the Challenge Mode on hold even though we have made considerable progress for it to re-focus on more important features as below:

  • Game UX improvements to reduce barriers for newbies. (Feb 2019)
  • Game Tutorial (Feb 2019)
  • Ranking Reward System (Mar 2019)
  • Tournament feature for competitive gameplay (Mar 2019)
  • Revisit Mons’ values (Q2 2019)

As usual, we look forward to hear any feedback and suggestions from you in our Community.


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