ETHEREMON World Cup Fan Art Contest

Jun 24, 2018 · 4 min read

One of the greatest values of blockchain technologies is the ability to create a truly global world. As the Etheremon team works to build a bigger and better decentralized monster collecting game we are so happy to have a community that spans the globe. Looking to the community we saw a lot of similarities with the global sporting event known as the World Cup. The team has decided to launch an exciting opportunity in the form of a World Cup Fan Art Contest. What this means is that we are giving the community a chance to create a brand new World Cup themed Etheremon that will actually be released as a RARE mon into the actual game. Historically the World Cup has had cute and fun mascots and we thought it would be great for the fans to create the first ever sports themed Etheremon mascot as a global representative.

The Fan Art contest runs from June 25 — July 12 ending right before the World Cup ends so we can announce the winner heading into the World Cup finals.

To enter all you have to do is create a Football/Soccer themed Etheremon that also shows the value of being a global gamer much as the World Cup does. You can illustrate using hand drawings or digital tools like Adobe Illustrator. Once you create an Etheremon make sure you sign it with either your Reddit or Twitter handle so we can verify it is yours.

How to enter?

The contest will be open to subscribers on as well as followers on Also join our Discord community as you can find ideas and inspirations there.

  • To enter using Reddit, just submit the picture as “MyEtheremon World Cup Fan Art”.
  • To enter on Twitter, submit the art and send it to @MyEtheremon with #WorldCup #BlockChainGaming #Etheremon #Contest hashtags as well.

If it is possible, please add Etheremon logo or the website link ( to your artwork.

The judging will be done by members of the Etheremon team and selected members of the community. Upvotes, Retweets, likes, and comments will all be considered during the judging process.

Now for the prizes!

  • First place will have his/her winning Mon creation actually put into the game and will also get to own 2 of these mons (#1 and #2), one to keep forever and another to share or sell to the community. Oh and since we wanted to make this a super special global event we added a special grand prize.

Our amazing Discord community member Theo has offered to make an Etheremon figurine for the grand prize winner. For now what Etheremon figurine the winner will receive is a mystery but looking at the work of this great community member you can rest assured it will be a great piece of heart!

That is a pretty awesome grand prize but we won’t forget about second and third place.

  • Second place will receive two of the grand prize winning mon (#3 and #4) to keep, sell, or share. As well as a smaller Etheremon figurine.
  • Third place will get one copy of the winning mon (#5).

The award winning mon will only be released for a limited time and will be one of the most rare mons we will release so those who have them have a GREAT chance to see them increase in value.

All winners will also receive an amount of EMONT token of 300, 150, 100 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Since the World Cup is global this contest is open to all our community members.

Now for the fun legal stuff!

The contest ends at 1pm UTC — July 12th, after that no new submissions or votes will be counted. The mediums used in the contest can be: drawings, CG, and digital illustrations


  • Please keep it clean! We will not accept any offensive or obscene submissions.
  • There is a maximum of one prize per artist: you may submit as many different works as you want, but you will only be rewarded based on your highest-scoring one!
  • Any use of fake/bought accounts or other forms of vote manipulation will result in disqualification.
    Stealing other people’s art or submitting art that you did not create will result in disqualification.
    We maintain full discretion and will make all final decisions to ensure the fairness of this competition.
  • The winning entry will be considered created by the winning creator and noted as such but will then become a property of Etheremon in exchange for his or her’s creation being included in the game and the prizes mentioned.


Etheremon Team

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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