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Good weekend Mon-seekers!

The event “Kings of the Hill” has just ended yesterday after a crazy race to the top in the last hours. It was an intense competition and we have been so excited to feel the heat of that. We cannot wait till the next one!

As every one is dying to know the result, here is the final ranking:

  • Congratulations to all prize winners (see table below for detailed ranking)!
  • Big Congratz to the Top 3: Hash Ketchum, Lovely Lovely and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The honourable Steel Wall prize belongs to Hash Ketchum, who managed to stay at #1 for over 9 days.
  • Lucky Ranks:
    155 — Monsforever — 0x8c93d0ac21fa8b9eab8ab4cd2dafd29503ee6ecb
    177 — sky lock gate — 0x7d55e1ffaeb91e9dba127a8398c704c1cd881cd1
    222 — dumdidum — 0xb682505323c4e2804fe5e6c86c227a3b01d421e9
    266 — schyan — 0xbcce870909b3dbbe28f744f69b080dbdeeb7748a
    266 — — =Death Star= — — 0x12d5d2f7e880a01465beadae0d5c15798805874e
    288 —amitaho — 0xf35baabdd8c836fd69c3535e79c309e4426e5396


Rank 1–3: 2000 EMONT + 1 MON + 1 Mon Skin (see note for more)

Rank 4–10: 1000 EMONT + 1 MON (see note for more)

Rank 11–20: 600 EMONT

Rank 21–100: 150 EMONT

Steel Wall (the Player Holding Rank 1 for the longest time): 2000 EMONT

Lucky Ranks (155, 177, 222, 266, 288): 100 EMONT

Full Ranking Table (1–100) as of 10AM, UTC, 22 Mar 2019:


◕ Mon skin will be awarded once the feature is released (expect Q2 2019).

◕ Mon reward will be the next Mon to be released in the game.

◕ EMONT reward will be transferred by 25 March 2019.

Etheremon Team.

— — —

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain


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A blockchain game about collecting, training, evolving and trading Monsters, built with blockchain and VR technology. Think Pokemon on blockchain.



Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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