Play Etheremon with Dapper and enjoy free gas!

At Etheremon, we believe that improving user experience is the way to increase the adoption of blockchain technology and products. Besides upgrading our game features, we actively look for good partners to tackle existing UX problems for blockchain games together. Our newest partnership very well demonstrates that.

We are excited to partner with Dapper, a smart contract wallet that eliminates some UX barriers and lets you have more enjoyable time playing Etheremon.

We recommend using Dapper to play Etheremon, for it is user-friendly and packed with many useful features.

Still wonder before getting started? Here comes more info you want to know about Dapper.

Dapper is a smart contract wallet created by the team behind CryptoKitties. When you play with Dapper, you enjoy:

⛽ Free Gas: Your gas fees in Etheremon are covered if you use Dapper
🔐 Account Recovery: If you lose your device or password, Dapper help you regain access
💳 Credit Card Support: Buy cryptocurrency with your credit card
🤗 Exclusive Perks: Dapper users get exclusive drops and rewards in their favorite dapps

Dapper is the first step towards making accessing the blockchain as safe and predictable as surfing the internet. With Dapper exiting its private beta today, it’s a great time to invite your friends to come and play with the future of fun.

Install Dapper and play now here:

Etheremon Team

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