Rank Mode New Rewards System & New Monsters Release

Apr 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Hi Mon-seekers and Friends,

Since the release of the Rank Mode early this week, we have received a lot of positive feedback from your community. We will continue working hard to make the game more fun

Rank mode has made battle much more balanced and friendly for new players.

If you are new to Etheremon team, do not worry about getting wrecked by much stronger teams, the Elo rating system implemented are matching you with other players at your level, making the game more balanced and competitive.

After 3 days of waiting, we are glad to officially announce the new Rewards System in this Rank Mode, with new ways for you to mine EMONT tokens.

This system is at the moment in development, and you will see it in the game within this week.

Rank Mode Rewards System

(Rewards will be available by 22nd April, our dev team is putting together some last pieces, so stay tuned everyone!)

1. Claim EMONT from #Wins

This is a straightforward way for you to claim EMONT. For every win in rank modes, you can claim 0.5 EMONT token.

1 WIN = 0.5 EMONT (starting reward) Now is the highest payout period, so be quick to take advantage of it Mon-seekers. Similar to Ether difficulty, it will be more difficult to mine EMONT over time. Since EMONT is limited, EMONT reward will not be issued once all EMONTs are mined.

There is no minimum number of wins for claiming, however, we recommend you claim once having a few wins as there is gas price charged to make this transaction. You can also claim EMONT anytime you want.

2. EMONT for Top Ranking Players

Player rank 1st to 5th can claim EMONT anytime as long as they have enough energy to do so.

Rank 1–2-3 Reward

Each claim cost exactly 24 energy. So let’s say you rank 1st when your energy bar is full at 80/80, you can claim maximum 3 times (24*3=72 energy). You can also recharge your energy to continue claiming if you want.

Reward for Top 5 Players are as follow

1st Player: 15 EMONT 2nd Player: 12 EMONT 3rd Player: 10 EMONT 4th Player: 8 EMONT 5th Player: 5 EMONT

Note: Reward system is subject to changes in the future

New Monster Release

We are releasing new Monsters to the Etheremon world. They will be available in official store from 3PM UTC, 19 April 2018 Let's catch EKOPI and 7 other Gason Mons!

Ekopi -> Ekoraft -> Expertri
Zapillar — Sauntler — Devostoric — Infiluv
Purgast - Smetal - Vorvos


Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain


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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain