Ranking Competition Event: Kings of the Hill

Hello Mon-Seekers, the Ranking Systems are coming nearby, and here we introduce you to the Ranking Competition event called “Kings of the Hill”. Similar like Ranking systems, but more simple. Give you a first look about the Ranking System.

Rules and Conditions:

User must be on top 100.
◕ If the user keeps the top 1 position long enough or until the event end, they also receive a bonus reward.
◕ Besides that, 5 random rank from 101 ~ 200 will be selected by Etheremon as “Lucky Ranks”


Rank 1–3: 2000 EMONT + 1 MON + 1 Mon Skin (see note for more)
Rank 4–10: 1000 EMONT + 1 MON (see note for more)
Rank 11–20: 600 EMONT
Rank 21–100: 150 EMONT
Steel Wall (the Player Holding Rank 1 for the longest time): 2000 EMONT
Lucky Ranks (155, 177, 222, 266, 288): 100 EMONT


◕ 10:00 AM UTC, 11 March 2019(Monday) - 10:00 AM UTC, 22 March 2019(Friday)


◕ Mon skin will be awarded once the feature is released (expect Q2 2019).
◕ Mon reward will be the next Mon to be released in the game.
◕ The reward will be transfer after the event end. 22 March 2019 (Friday).
◕ Current Rankings will not be reset in this event. In the future, rankings will be reset before each event.

Etheremon Team.

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