Special Pig Promotion — Birth of the Pig

As you know, 2019 is the year of the pig according to the Chinese Zodiac. Etheremon’s world is also very pleased to welcome 2 newly born members, the pig twins named: Pigperus and Piggicius — symbol of energy, happiness and good fortune. In this article, we will briefly introduce these new mons, and how to catch them.

Pigperus — Symbol of flourish and success

Born from fractures of the ground, Pigperus has a magic sense like a radar on the ground around him, thereby increasing the accuracy of his stroke even when something blocks his view.This must be a strong Mon that brings wealth and victory to the owner.

Pigperus will only be born from 1:00 PM UTC Jan 28 to 1:00 PM UTC Feb 11. You can only have the opportunity to catch Pigperus from buying eggs in the store.


As a deeply thank-you for buyers who warmly welcome this lucky Mon, we will give a special offer: 88 EMONT tokens will be rewarded to the first 888 egg purchases (Maximum 8 first purchases per account are entitled to this EMONT reward). Reward will be distributed to your in-game EMONT wallet after 888 purchases are made. Grab this opportunity before it lasts!

Piggicius — Symbol of luck

Younger twin sister of Pigperus, Piggicius belongs to the lucky ones, and will also bring back the luck to her owners. She can only be found somewhere in Adventure Mode and from the Lucky Wheel — another Lunar New Year event which will be revealed by Sunday.


Luck is within your reach! Get an egg, join the Lucky Wheel event and play some Adventure games. Good luck and hope you have an awesome holiday!

Thank You & Happy Pig Year!

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