The Best Mons of 2018

For over a year now, it is certain that most of Etheremon’s player has seen a lot of Mons with all types of traits and abilities. Here we are today to go through this list of the most outstanding Mons in 2018.

The most expensive Mons

  • The most expensive Mons of the past year is either a powerful or rare ones. Based on Trading History, here are the Mons that players paid the most money for.

Of them all, Zedakazm and Vernirox are the ones sold in highest price. Their BP and level are all admirable and so it’s of no surprise they are sold at 13 and 9.39 ETH.

  • Mons on sale in Official Store

Unlike in Market, Store gives out Mons with more reasonable prices but still very interesting. Attacking Mons

If we exclude Gason (Supporting Mons), the least pricey one here in Store is Lollipunch at slightly over 0.05 ETH. This Mon , though not very rare, but make a decent fighter in battle and is a great start for any newbie. Paying a bit more and you will have more options, for example Endorr, Cryptise and Redhandit. What they have more is an extra type and can evolve into very strong Mons.

Gasons are even sold at lower price, however they cannot lay eggs and only work best as supporting Mons. But do not underestimate its role and having good supporters can help your Mons defeat higher-level ones. Again, they are small, and cute, like Infilux “can mend a broken heart”!

Gason — supporting Mon at affordable price

The Strongest (based on battle power):

Instead of spending time and resource to train a Mon to a certain level, you can always find your desired Mons in Market. There are other players who has spent time to train these Mons to an admirable level so their BP is really impressive.

Level 100 Gen 2 Wolverize worth 6.89 ETH and is a rare Mon because it can not lay eggs at all. Wolverize has BP of 757 with its highest stat is PA: 115–146, making it one of the strongest of all.

Gen 3 Vernirox is being sold at a higher price among the most powerful ones at 25 ETH. Its BP is 547, well divided to each stat.

Dehedra level 63, BP 502 is being sold at 6.99 ETH. Its stats show the ability on Secondary Attack is much higher: 134–165. The same to its Secondary Deffense at 106–137.

The most popular

Kyari is a free one and can be caught anytime in Store, therefore it’s in everybody’s pocket.

The top 3 rarest Mons

These Mons can not lay eggs and its numbers are so little that it is hard to find them even in Store or Market.

Legendary Mon were released in 2018 (can be found only in Adventure Mode)

Venirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm are the three Legendaries Mons that appear in Adventure Mode. Currently, they are no longer found in Adventure Mode, so players can only acquire them in the Market.

We hope this list will be helpful to our players. Based on a Monseeker strategy and playing style, he or she can easily make a choice of Mons that fits them the best. If you are a newbie, see this article to learn how to choose your own Mons.


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