The exclusive chance to recall Ruffski and Barkindle

Every journey is a gift, 2019 has come and promises more exciting journey ahead, but special things that 2018 and Etheremon want to bring are not over yet. In short, 7:00 AM UTC, Jan 21 is the start of a unique chance to recall some precious Mons as a special gift to Etheremon’s community.

2018 is the year of dog, that’s reason why Ruffski and Barkindle were born in Lunar New Year event but in a very limited number. Some of them have been trained, grown up and evolved into more advanced forms, resulting in some of these cute dogs considered gone away, making these species even more scarce.

The special gift Etheremon brings is that some Ruffski and Barkindle are not ready to say goodbye, in fact, they wish to return to the Etheremon’s world. There were a group of 8 dogs (including 4 Ruffskies and 4 Barkindles), but they are lost somewhere in the afterlife and waiting to be called back.

So how do you summon them?


The answer is to find gifts for our dogs, a special and super rare item called Calciumie. This will be a nutritious and fragrant food to help lure our dogs back. Each Calciumie has the power to call exactly a dog back. In total, there will be 8 Calciumies can be found in the Adventure Mode.

Following is a list of Dogs waiting to return:

Where to find Calciumies?

Have you heard about 3 legendaries going somewhere? Yes, and it goes to make room for those items. The Calciumies could be found in 6 maps as follow:

However, those dog bones will not be around for too long. They only exist in these 6 Adventure maps from Jan 21, 7AM UTC (2AM EST) till Jan 28 same timing.

You will be able to claim the Dogs once you find the item.

The job of the you are to find Calciumie as soon as possible as the number of Calciumies are limited at 8 exactly.

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Good luck

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