This is “The Last Chance”!

Dear Mon-Seekers, we have received a report from our scientist in The Etheremon Research Institute and Center (TERIC). Well.. I don’t feel so good about this…

“Quick! Now or never!!”

But we have to let you know that a large number of 3 species Legendary MON are migrating from Etheremon Adventure sites.

Here is the name of 3 Legendary species:


We still do not know where are they going, but the only thing we are sure is that you will be unable to catch these Legendaries from the current sites in the Adventure Mode after this 21 January 2019 (approximately). So if you want to own those MONs, you better do it fast!

Note :

  • You can catch those Lengendary MONs now in Adventure Mode, until 21 Jan
  • After 21 Jan 2019 (approximately), those 3 Legendary Monsters will vacate those Adventure sites they are living now

Well, we don’t have much time left, less talk and more catch!

Go go go Mon-Seekers!


— — —

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