Ethereum Cat Herders Update#1

Pooja Ranjan
Ethereum Cat Herders
3 min readFeb 12, 2019


A week in Ethereum Cat Herders — 11thFeb 2019

I am excited to share my experience of completing a week of joining The Ethereum Cat Herders group. It’s an honor to contribute to the community. I am also sharing interesting discussion and development from past seven days that we worked on to cover the main tasks and progress made in the week.

An Introduction

The Ethereum Cat Herders is a group of experienced project managers to help out with Ethereum project management. With initial goal to facilitate inter-team communication, it aims to help with tasks such as All Core Developers meetings notes, speed up the upgrade preparation process leading to a more consistent stream of improvements to the protocol.

By following a structured PM process and creating communication channel, it aims to help Ethereum stakeholders (such as miners, pools, exchanges, testnets, the client development teams etc.) who are critical to a release of the Ethereum protocol to mainnet.

Lane Rettig suggested in his blog Decentralizing Ethereum project management, “We hope that this group will play a significant ongoing role in Ethereum governance alongside other grassroots initiatives such as the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians and #EIP0. “


Communication Channel

Last week we started by placing communication channel in place to involve more users from the community. Our aim is to decentralize Ethereum community and be transparent. You may now participate in active discussion and get regular updates by following us at

· Website

· GitHub

· Gitter

· Twitter

· Reddit

· Medium

· YouTube. We also created a YouTube Channel @EthCatHerders but it was disabled in less than 24 hours after creation, before any content had been posted.

Previous Ethereum Cat Herders Meeting #4 (Tuesday, February 06, 2019 14:00 UTC)

§ Agenda

§ Audio

§ Notes

Next meeting is Proposed on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 time is 14:00 GMT. Agenda.


Lately there are lot of discussion going on, some in favor and some against implementing ProgPOW for Ethereum. It has been a topic of discussion since December 2018.

· The Ethereum Cat Herders group created a subcommittee to focus on the issue.

· The first meetingresult in the starting of a dedicated Gitter Channelexclusively for ProgPOW review discussion.

· Twitter voting was set up to gauge a rough consensus from the community.

· Carbonvote is also considered. Bounty to create a carbonvote for progpowis setup.

· A discussion thread is opened on Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.

In order to make the decision transparent, we are hoping to have a ProgPoW Audit/Review soon.We are consolidating the list of Auditors and interviewing the concerned parties including core developers and mining pools to get their opinion. Subcommittee members are in touch with the concerned parties and hope to have update soon.

DAO-izing the Herders on @AragonProject

To provide better governance in the Etherem Cat Herder Eco System, we may use Aragon DAO. Learn more about Aragon Test DAO.

You may also support Ethereum All Core Devs community project management through Gitcoin Grants.

Constantinople No Go Post-Mortem

A subcommittee is created to oversee this task. You may track the progress on plan and action item here. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Subcommittee on Hard Fork Planning and EIPs

Afri Schoedonhas a subcommittee on hard fork planning and EIPs people can participate in.

Going forward, I am planning to share Ethereum Cat Herders update every once a week. If you are interested in contributing to the group, please communicate with the Herders here.



Pooja Ranjan
Ethereum Cat Herders

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