Ethereum Cat Herders Update #10

Pooja Ranjan
Jul 30 · 2 min read

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. — Maya Angelou

Welcome to Ethereum Cat Herders Update!

Istanbul Upgrade

  • Istanbul fork on Ropsten testnet on September 4th, 2019.
  • Istanbul will commence in two parts. First mainnet upgrade will be in October around the original proposed date of October 16th, 2019. List of ‘accepted EIPs’ will be part of this upgrade. However, a subsequent upgrade is proposed in late January or early February 2020 with ‘tentatively accepted EIPs’.

Accepted EIPs are

  • 1108 (Reprice alt_bn128)
  • 2024 (Blake2b) / 152
  • 2028 (CallData Gas Reduction)
  • 1344 (Chain ID Opcode)

Tentatively accepted EIPs are

  • 2200 (1283 + 1706) around the s store which got the one that got pulled out of Constantinople
  • 1962 (Generic ECC Precompile)
  • 1057 (ProgPOW)
  • 1884 (Trie Dependant Repricing)


  • 1702 (Account Versioning)

Last opportunity to get on the tentative accepted list (from already proposed EIPs) is before the next ACD call.


  • ProgPoW Audit Update from Charles, Hudson, and the Ethereum Cat Herders.
  • ProgPOW (EIP 1057) is re-entered in Istanbul, but it would be a part of Istanbul — II. Earlier in ACD call #65, one of the decisions was ‘ProgPOW will be out of the Istanbul’ and a single-purpose hardfork will be recommended as soon as the audit is ready.
  • ProgPoW review is kicked off by Least Authority. Audit findings and initial report can be expected by the end of August. They’ll be joining the Ethereum Core Developers call following the initial audit report in order to discuss findings in addition to mitigation and remediation strategies.
  • zCash funding for ProgPOW


Ethereum Cat Herders Meeting

All Core Dev call

Constantinople postmortem

Community support required to close Constantinople postmortem action items here.


Update on account of ECH funding

  • ECH is in the process of paying a deposit of 15,000 DAI to Least Authority for the audit.

Support Ethereum All Core Devs community project management here.

Note: All articles / blogs mentioned here are not necessarily published by Cat Herders. It may be just related to ongoing discussion topics.

Thank you for reading 🙏. Please share your question, comments and suggestions with us at Gitter.

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Blockchain enthusiast. Founder @ether_world. I share news and views about Blockchain Technology. Ethereum Cat Herders.

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