Ethereum Cat Herders Update #2

Pooja Ranjan
Feb 18 · 3 min read

Hello everyone! I am back with updates of Ethereum Cat Herders (ECH) over the week. Before we get started with the updates, I would like to take a moment to thanks all for tremendous response to . Starting with the reason for birth of this group, Ethereum Cat Herders is a group of experienced project managers which are brought in, to offload the core developers Project Management work and they can continue with their development work. With the growth of Ethereum blockchain, not only project development has grown but a lot of co-ordination and project management work also requires attention to avoid chaos. That’s where ‘The Ethereum Cat Herders’ chip in. Group is still exploring scope but at present, ECH is the “PM group” and not the “PR Group” for Ethereum blockchain. However, defining scope is still a work in progress, that may or may not include “PR” in future. In either case, Ethereum is decentralized but not disorganized.


Code of Conduct

Those who are following us on might have witnessed a small disturbance over a moderation issue on a Reddit post. An aggravated user showed up with abusive and inappropriate behavior, and hence banned (thanks @jpitts) from AllCoreDevs and EthCatHerders channel. Gitter channels are meant to have constructive discussion and share feedback, please maintain the sanctity. Here is the guideline (thanks @CPSTL). It applies to all ECH community/social channels

As per my understanding, every individual is contributing in its best way to take Ethereum community forward. We should respect their hard-work, and stand by them at times of “alien attack”. That’s what community is for.

Ethereum Cat Herders Meeting #5



· (thanks )

Next meeting is Proposed on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019; time is 14:00 GMT.

Ethereum All Core Dev Meeting #55 [2019–02–15]



· (thanks for helping me)

Next meeting is Proposed on Friday, March 1st, 2019; time is 14:00 GMT.


· Carbon voting is launched (thanks @lrettig),please vote. There is a thread for “All you need to know about ProgPoW Votings”. There is also an interesting article “The Miners Benchmark ProgPoW” on .

· A company is found to do a series of benchmark testing. This benchmarking will be some unbiased scientific marking on the cards to make sure that ProgPOW works similar across all cards.

· We are looking for a company that can provide estimate about time and budget for ProgPOW to be created, etc. If you know someone interested in this, contact . Hopefully, someone will be found soon and audit will be completed as soon as possible.

· ProgPoW result.

Preparation for Constantinople 2.0

· Communication document for Hard Forks and related activities are in place (thanks ).

· More discussion in coming Cat Herders meeting.

Subcommittee on Hard Fork Planning and EIPs



Afri gathering volunteers. Start in 2 to 4 weeks once Constantinople settles. If you want to work on the roadmap and hardfork coordination, please communicate with the Herders .

Participate in active discussion and get regular updates by following us at , , , , and

You may also support all Core Dev community project management through .

Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback.

Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum community-led project management

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Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum community-led project management