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Ethereum Cat Herders Update #35

Eth2 launch highlights, Eth2.0 roadmap, Berlin — YOLO v3, eth/6x support, EIP-2681, Tim Roughgarden’s Economic Analysis of EIP-1559, EIP-2718 breakout room meeting, Peep an EIP, community update and more.

Welcome to another edition of the Ethereum Cat Herders community update to bring you up to speed since the last update.

Ethereum 2.0

Eth2.0 mainnet launch

Ethereum 2.0 roadmap

Eth2.0 updated roadmap shared by Vitalik.

A lot has been accomplished, but still a lot remains to be done!

Eth2.0 Clients’s update

  • Nimbus- Release v1.0.2. A release that fixes an issue regarding the occasional missed block proposal.
  • Prysm- v1.0.4 : Improved inbound peer connection gater. Support for reading graffiti from file. Sync improvements, including peer scoring enabled by default. Pending block queue fixes. Updated cryptography dependency blst. Update to go 1.15.6
  • Lighthouse- Juggling Rick. This release updates core dependencies in Lighthouse.
  • Teku —v20.11.1 Docker images are now being published to consensys/teku. The pegasys/teku images will continue to be updated for the next few releases but please update your configuration to use consensys/teku. --validators-key-files and --validators-key-password-files have been replaced by --validator-keys. The old arguments will be removed in a future release.
  • Nethermindv1.9.39. Update for Eth2 clients.

Additional resources

Ethereum 1.0

Ethereum All Core Developers’ meeting

YOLOv3 & Berlin client updates

eth/6x support

Peter from the Geth team proposed options for typed transaction.

Most of the clients agreed with Option B. The Geth team is also in agreement.

EIP-2681: Limit account nonce to 2⁶⁴-1

matt garnett explained the proposal. The proposal will now be moved to the Last Call and then to Final by the next ACD call if there are no objections.

Eth1.0 Clients update

EIP-1559 fees market change

Implementers’ meeting

  • Testnet: Teku devs. are building mainnet-sized testnets to analyze 1559’s performance on large networks; the idea to literally create a fork of mainnet, was discarded due to security considerations.
  • Transaction pool: Progress on addressing the transaction pool issues caused by the changing BASE FEE. Ansgar from the Quilt team has been looking into this and shared a write up about the problem.
  • Simulation: A new simulations notebook exploring the interplay between legacy and 1559-style transactions on a network where legacy transactions are interpreted as 1559-style ones is released by the Nethermind team. The work builds on the previous simulations by Barnabé Monnot and his team.

Next steps:

  • Try and come up with a roadmap to mainnet, and gather feedback on the next call.
  • Get other clients running the large-state testnet that Abdel generated, and run the transaction spammer tool on it to see the impact of 2x sized blocks on clients when the state size is comparable to mainnet.
  • Try and come up with good heuristics for transaction sorting for both miners and other nodes.
  • Wait and see what happens with 2718 getting merged in Geth

Other updates

Project Outreach

  • The project & infrastructure providers’ outreach for EIP-1559 is in progress. Wallets and exchanges are the primary targets for this outreach.
  • If you’re from an exchange, wallet, mining pools, project on Ethereum chain or infrastructure providers, and have questions on the proposal, contact or to schedule a meeting today.
  • If you haven’t responded to the questionnaire yet, consider responding now!

Breakout-room discussion


How do we hash typed transactions?

keccak256(TransactionType || TransactionPayload)

How do we wire encode (devp2p) typed transactions?

Opaque Bytes

How do we wire encode (devp2p) legacy transactions?

Continue serializing as RLP list of items

Next steps

  • Micah will update the EIP-2976 with decisions made in the breakout room meeting.
  • Share the decision with all core devs.

EIPIP working group

  • EIPIP meeting #22: agenda, video, notes.
  • The next EIPIP meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 16, 2020, at 15:00 UTC. Agenda.

Community updates

Ethereum Cat Herders

Peep an EIP

Released video


ECH meeting

Support the Ethereum Cat Herders

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— The Ethereum Cat Herders



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