ProgPow Audit Update — July 2019

Charles St.Louis
Ethereum Cat Herders
2 min readJul 26, 2019


💸 Audit = Funded

We have officially secured the funds for the ProgPow Audit. Thanks to everyone who contributed, we are truly grateful for your generosity and dedication to Ethereum.


We are pleased to announce that the following parties have all contributed to the ProgPow Audit. They are the reason for making this happen!

📝 Who is performing the audit?

  • Least Authority will be performing the software audit component of the ProgPow Mining Algorithm. For more information on how Least Authority will be performing their audit, please reference their blog post here.
  • Bob Rao, a semiconductor technologist and retired Intel Fellow is currently in the process of performing the hardware portion of the audit.

🤖 Technical ProgPoW Audit Components

  • The full scope of the software audit’s proposal can be viewed here.

🎬 Audit to officially begin on ….

  • Hardware Audit commenced in June.
  • Software Audit commenced on July 17th, 2019.

🗓️ What is the timeline for the audit?

The Audit will follow the approximate timeline:

Software Audit — Least Authority Team

  • July 17 — August 14: Code review to be completed.
  • August 16: Delivery of Initial Audit Report.
  • September 2–6: Verification completed.
  • September 11: Delivery of Final Audit Report.

Hardware Audit — Bob Rao

  • June: Audit commenced.
  • July: Hardware audit nearly complete.

🏁 In Closing

Our aim to keep providing full transparency for the community and all Ethereum stakeholders regarding the progress of the audit.

- Thank you
Charles, Hudson, and the Ethereum Cat Herders



Charles St.Louis
Ethereum Cat Herders

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