Shedding light on the Ethereum Network Upgrade Process

The network upgrades process, phases & tracker explained.

What is a network upgrade?

Why change the process?

Network upgrade process (old)

Consensus conflict

Significant increase in Core proposals


The contemporary network upgrade process

The current network upgrade process

Consider For Inclusion

Devnet Phase

  • CFI approved: This bucket contains the EIPs that obtain rough consensus by clients, and with the submission of well-formed PR, it will be considered by the Core Developers. Clients may independently start implementing the proposals at their convenience.
  • CI devnet waiting room: EIPs which received the approval of some clients but not all, or some work is still pending for it to be integrated are listed in the CI devnet waiting room. This may also contain proposals that were included in one version of events but because for some reason is not considered for the next version of the CI devnet.
  • CI devnet active: This lists EIPs that are currently deployed on the devnet. The latest version of the devnet will be considered for the upcoming upgrade.

Mainnet Phase

  • Public Testnet: This is similar to the earlier network upgrade process. All EIPs which are agreed upon by the core client developers, implemented and tested on the devnet are now deployed on the public (PoW) testnet. If no breaking changes are observed while running on this testnet for a few weeks, it is ready to be deployed on the mainnet.
  • Mainnet: Ethereum core developers set a block# and estimate a date when these proposals can be finally activated on the Ethereum main network.

Network Upgrade Process Tracker



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