An Introduction to Ethereum Classic Labs

Ethereum Classic Labs is an incubator on a mission to accelerate development of the Ethereum Classic Ecosystem. With close links to the ETCDEV team and other leading ETC developers, we provide projects under our guidance access to experts in the field, potentially one-to-one mentorship with big names from the blockchain sphere such as Igor Artamonov, Isaac Ardis & Charles Hoskinson.

ETC Labs’ HQ is based in San Francisco and also has an office space located in Singapore. Our team has a wealth of experience in taking great projects and bringing them to market; with particular experience in the fields of Finance, Betting, & IoT.

Ethereum Classic Labs is backed by Digital Currency Group, Jack Lee (founding managing partner of HCM Capital at Foxconn), and Digital Finance Group — a major venture capitalist group in Asia with portfolios heavy in various blockchain projects and digital assets.

In addition to funding (between $100,000 and $500,000), ETC Labs will provide office space at three month intervals (minimum) in an open environment, allowing for collaborative development with talented individuals from other projects in the incubator.

At the end of each program, demo days will be held and attended by our network of investors which can help to secure another round of funding for the applicants and potentially gain real-world adoption by leading companies.