ETC Labs Announces Collaboration with Fantom & Xar Network

Ethereum Classic Labs
Feb 10 · 3 min read

February 10th, 2020 — — ETC Labs has announced a collaboration with The Fantom Foundation, the non-profit behind Fantom, the open-source, modular platform for DLT products, to bring crypto-agnostic DeFi features to the Fantom ecosystem.

In particular, Fantom will use Xar Network, a DeFi-oriented public blockchain built using Fantom’s Lachesis and TxFlow consensus, as a more extensible analog to the popular Ethereum lending platform MakerDAO.

“We’re collaborating with ETC Labs to bring DeFi, including all aspects of our tech stack (e.g., stablecoins, lending, staking, asset issuance, collateralization, etc.) to the Xar ecosystem,” detailed Michael Chen, CMO of The Fantom Foundation.

As part of the collaboration, users can leverage Ethereum Classic asset (ETC) as collateral to mint a stablecoin on the Fantom platform akin to MakerDAO’s Dai on Ethereum. However, Xar Network’s specific design enables agnostic issuance of collateralized stablecoins outside of ETC, including any supported Collateralized Stable Currency Tokens (CSCTs) on the network.

ETC will operate as the collateral for customized CSCT issuance by corporations, central banks, and other financial institutions on Xar Network. Issuing entities can maintain complete control over the underlying collateral (ETC), and even stake the corresponding CSCT to generate rewards in a stablecoin based on the fee pool from Xar Network.

As the original chain of Ethereum, ETC has always adhered to the original intention of blockchain, that is decentralization and immutability. Like Bitcoin, ETC has a fixed and clear monetary policy, which makes ETC as “hard money” and more suitable as collateral in the DeFi ecosystem.

Xar Network is a blossoming framework for DeFi on Fantom and Cosmos, which is rapidly building out some intriguing DeFi tools. Some of its open-source modules include collateralized loans, collateralized index tokens, liquidity pools, synthetic swaps, and protocol-level atomic swaps. Xar is even compatible with ERC-20 token standard and Binance Chain’s rising BEP-2 model.

Xar’s capabilities for DeFi are inextricably linked to Fantom’s open-source consensus modules — Lachesis and TxFlow. Fantom’s focus is to encourage the launch of DLT-related products using its high-performance and secure consensus mechanism, which Xar deploys for the decentralized validation of transactions that competes with centralized legacy counterparts in finance.

Moving forward, the collaboration between Fantom and ETC Labs will expand the features and uses for ETC within the Xar and broader Fantom ecosystem. Fantom’s toolkit empowers developers to deploy and tailor blockchain networks with interoperability amongst each other and networks like Cosmos. For ETC, such collaboration can help increase the asset’s liquidity and use in DeFi products across a spectrum of networks.

About Fantom

Fantom is a full, open-source technology stack for deploying and customizing blockchain networks within its performant consensus modules. The platform is overseen by The Fantom Foundation, which has launched the Opera Mainnet and plays an integral role in the development of the Xar Network. Fantom’s vision is to construct the optimal consensus framework and tools for developers to build interoperable DeFi products.

About ETC Labs

The mission of ETC Labs is to build relevant, accessible, and high-quality technology, and to use that technology to create communities of value in a mature and regulated ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to fulfill the promise of blockchain to improve people’s lives. The ETC Labs team of experts also foster partnerships with organizations and institutions in order to address fundamental challenges in developing and deploying this innovative technology.

We fulfill the mission through two undertakings: the ETC Labs Accelerator, which hosts up to 25 blockchain projects annually that contribute to sustaining a robust ecosystem; and the Core Team, a team of experts and developers who maintain the Ethereum Classic blockchain and build key applications, solutions, and tools.

Ethereum Classic Labs

Investing in the future of Ethereum Classic. Incubator based in SF.

Ethereum Classic Labs

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Investing in the future of Ethereum Classic. Incubator based in SF.

Ethereum Classic Labs

Investing in the future of Ethereum Classic. Incubator based in SF.

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